Weight loss and Controlling my emotions

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This body of mine is not the body that I'm use to be it that, I've been yo-yoing out of control with my weight! I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on weight loss and how to control emotional eating?

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GabbyPA 2010-07-07 18:11:11 -0500 Report

This is my nemesis too. The only thing that really helps me is to keep busy. If I can distract myself, i can avoid the extra food stuffing. When I am bored, that is what kills me because I usually end up watching TV and that is the worst. So KEEP BUSY. Exercise, do something with your hands and maybe chew some gum. LOL
The other thing is that I do is try not to associate "happy" times with food either. If I am celebrating I try to do something instead of eat something. We go to a movie or we go camping or we go to an art festival. Yes, there is food there, but it is not the focus of the celebration and that helps a lot. Our culture is very emotion driven when it comes to food...it is hard to unlearn.

Katsarecool 2010-07-07 14:24:20 -0500 Report

I think if you take some time to read the discussions you will find so many of us share your concerns about their own bodies and minds. This place is so awesome and the members so caring of each other. So none of us need ever feel alone again!

That being said I at the risk of repeating myself here advocate for walking! It costs nothing. It helps reduce stress. It uses up calories. It is great. One step at a time. And it gives a mind a sense of well-being. And it is an awesome feeling to put on clothing that you have not worn in a long time only to discover they are too big!

Good luck to you and hugs,

Nancy Ann

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