Diabetes Museum

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Started 2010-07-07 12:52:16 -0500

I love the Diabetes Museum. I hope you will too.


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marc55 2010-07-15 21:42:54 -0500 Report

wow, took me back, I had two of the items in the pre 60s photos in 1958 when I was diagnosed, the little gun and one of the kits, may still have then some were, thanks for the memory jog

petals 2010-07-09 08:56:01 -0500 Report

Richard, I am a member now, just got the word!!!

Richard157 2010-07-09 15:26:01 -0500 Report

OK petals, see you there!

petals 2010-07-07 21:58:52 -0500 Report

This was very interesting. I applied for membership it is pending. Thanks for sharing this with us.

MAYS 2010-07-07 20:48:42 -0500 Report

This is a very interesting site, I just signed up as a member, (awaiting approval), I highly recommend that everyone drop in for a visit if not sign up to become a member.
Show your support for the cause, (diabetes awareness).