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Want to know more a insulin pump may have to go on it.

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monkeymama 2010-07-07 20:32:17 -0500 Report

Hello there! I have been an insulin pumper now for over 2 years. The 3 months before I went on my pump, I was having to do 8-10+ injections a day. The pump has allowed me a flexible way of making necessary changes when need it. I am able to eat a meal when ever I feel like eating and not have to be on a tight schedule. I only change my catheter (aka insets) every 3 days (for some it may be every 2 days). I am getting a tighter control and more accurate control of my diabetes. In the 2 years (almost 3 years), I have only had about 2-3 lows, compared to what I was getting before the pump. The pump is taylored around "me" and what "my" body needs. Everyone's needs are going to be different and easier to change settings compared to orals. I only use 1 kind of insulin as well. There is no more two different kinds of insulin. I also counted whole carbs and not by carb serving choices. It is a very precise unit and I don't regret my decision to go on one at all.

If you are considering (they are considering) placing you with a pump. Take a look at the sites that "kdroberts' gave you here. Ask yourself, what will the insurance pay for, what do "you" want in a insulin pump, what is your life style like…" There is also a web site that compares the insulin pumps to each other as well.
you will also get an over view of them together. Keep in mind though, Coszmo's are no longer available. I wish you the very best of luck and were here if you have any further questions.

Harlen 2010-07-07 09:58:00 -0500 Report

I was on 10 to 14 shots a day the pump set me free.
It gives you insulin 24/7 as a basel rate and you cover for your meals if your on the pump you will note that you will use less insulin as well.My BS runs 80 to 125 all the time and I feel so much better all the time now that I am not going thrue all the ups and downs.You realy need to know your carb counting with the pump .
Best wishes