Does anyone else on here with Diabetes Type 1 have stinging hands that burn as well?

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I have had diabetes type 1 juvenile insulin dependent for 16 years. I have been recently diagnoised with neuropathy in my feet and my hands are stinging and burning. I don't have a job so i am looking for a alternative solution to solve the burning, so I can sleep and not be so fatgiue. Can someone help me ?

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Richard157 2010-07-06 19:52:24 -0500 Report

I have been Type 1 for 64 years and in the early years of this new century, I started having some neuropathy in my feet and retinopathy in my eyes. those conditions were in their beginning stages and I wanted to do something fast to keep the problems from becoming really bad. I got permission to use an insulin pump. After 61 1/2 years of injections, I was using an insulin pump. After a somewhat rough beginning, my blood sugar stabilized and I had a much smoother and more stable control, with very few highs and lows. All the symptoms of neuropathy and retinopathy disappeared. They have not returned.

That is the kind of control you need to improve, and perhaps eliminate, your neuropathy. Get help from your doctors and improve your control as soon as possible. Merely using a medication to relieve the pain will not make your neuropathy go away. It will still be there. You do not have to use a pump to get a stable control. Many Type 1 diabetics have very good control with injections.

GabbyPA 2010-07-06 22:09:49 -0500 Report

Yes, control is the best medicine for this. I notice a big difference when my numbers are on the rise in the pain in my feet. Good control really does help me out a lot. Along with Alpha Lipoic Acid, there is also some good in Evening Primrose Oil that you take as a pill. Always talk to your doctor or pharmacist before adding anything.

kdroberts 2010-07-06 19:51:16 -0500 Report

The most important thing is to lower blood sugars. The closer they are to normal the better the chance you will be able to possibly reverse some of the neuropathy. Something else to research is alpha lipoic acid. Lots of people say it helps with the pain and can help reverse neuropathy a little. It has its downside so you should check with a doctor first.

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