protein in urine

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does any one have any ideas on how to get rid of protein in urine

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Kirla 2010-07-05 12:57:19 -0500 Report

According to my Diabetes for Dummies book, the pocket edition by Dr. Alan L. Rubin, MD you should be tested for microalbuminuria. It’s a urine test for abnormal protein in the urine. Said diabetics should get this test once a year. May have something to due with Kidney disease.

He says if the test is positive twice, the doctor can put you on an ACE inhibitor until the protein goes away.

Said that keeping good control of your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and Triglycerides should help it from getting worse.

I asked my doctor for this test last year and everything was ok then, need to get a physical soon.

Good luck

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