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good morning all, I went to my husband family reunion on saturday. The food was endless. There were ribs, chicken, links, polishes, hamburgers, and hotdogs. One cousin was actually frying catfish. There were lots of different kinds of pastas and cooked string beans. all the salads were cold slaw, potato salads and vegetable salads that had some sort of dressing in it. I ate a piece of rib and chicken with some baked beans and salad.My blood sugar shot up very high high 470. I dranked endless bottles of water to bring my sugar back down. I was sick and nausea all day yesterday. this morning i took my blood sugar and it was 212. We were invited out to two cookouts yesterday which i decline because i knew what kinds of foods that were going to be serve. . Hubby went. Is there anything that i could eat when going to a cookout that wont raise my blood sugar so high.
Thanks for listening runthe

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alanbossman 2010-07-05 20:49:34 -0500 Report

Hey Runthe, glad to hear you are doing a little better i agree with Ray baked beans have alot of sugar also some have BBQ sauce in there also remember potato salads have high carbs too. I went to a party sunday and little amounts of baked beans and potato salad but what help was chicken breast no skin and a fruit salad my bs stay under 115.

ston3xc 2010-07-05 17:59:25 -0500 Report

A lot of times it's not what we eat but how much we eat. Portion control, portion control! The 3 bite rule is the best way to enjoy occasions when you know the food is going to be too good to resist. Pick 3 or 4 of things you just can't pass by and take enough for three bites. they always say the 1st and the last bites of anything are the best, so give yourself the 1st and last bites just don't eat the middle bites! And then wash it down with water, water, and more water with lots of ice. It will help fill you up and flush extra sugar out of your bloodstream. It's an endless battle, but the only thing we can do is, keep on, keeping on!

Harlen 2010-07-05 14:07:30 -0500 Report

Now I am hungery lol
My invite got lost in the mail or I would have benn there to help you lol When I go to gatherings like that I bring extra insulin I know I am going to eat more then I need too but thats life and live I will lol.
Best wishes Runthe

Momma Day's Girl
Momma Day's Girl 2010-07-05 13:30:27 -0500 Report

It is hard to stay focused when you love good food. Can you tolerate apple cider vinegar? when I overdo it at a gathering of this sort, I take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and drink plenty of cold water. It works for me.

bettymachete 2010-07-05 11:14:13 -0500 Report

It's difficult to attend celebrations and eat something different than what is there, after our parade this weekend (walked 2miles in the Atlanta heat) we were invited to a big BBQ. Being in the south I knew just what to expect. Loads of sweet thick sauced chicken and ribs. Potato salads, sweet cole slaw, cornbread roasted corn on the cob, triple fried foods, Mile high pies and brownies. Yeah I knew it was something to avoid. I stopped by but after seeing the slew of "stuff I can't eat" I said my hello's and left. Kinda glad I did..but it wont always be so easy so I sympathize.

I am working on my "new party menu" and things that I've kitchen tested and BGL tested. I get a chance to try them out on my family as well. I made avocado and lime salad, bourbon glazed grilled salmon, grilled veggies, goat cheese stuffed figs and dark chocolate frozen bananas. I ate everything.
So far stuffed figs are perfect for a party, I made a plate of them yesterday and had 5 myself!! Not only were they sweet but savory as well, I was really impressed and my family loved them too. Most importantly they didn't send my BGL on a rocket to the heavens either. I can't wait to go to a party now and present them to a crowd of friends.

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-07-05 10:41:25 -0500 Report

I agree with Ray. Bring something for just in case. I went with family to the ball game last Fri. Brought some string cheese and unsalted dry roasted nuts. Shared an order of nachos with my Mom. This way I only drooled over the hot dogs and pizza and caramel corn every one else was eating.
Every Tuesday we have Girls Nite out with my 80 yr old Mom. No one else is Diabetic so I fend for myself. Usually I eat some protein before I go. Then eat smaller portions of what is usually high in carbs. I remove marshmallows from every fruit salad my Mom makes. At least one of my sister is always happy to take them. Also most meals include pasta. I try to take 1/4 cup and eat very slow to avoid seconds. When I get home I have a little more protien for a bed time snack. I only made one really bad choice so far. My sister brought taco salad. I forgot the dressing she brought was one that even 2 Tbsp really raises my numbers. I poured the 2 Tbsp. on it myself.
My mother is a cake baker. Everybody refers to her as the Cake Lady. The cakes are delicious and at every meal, almost. I take 2 to 3 bites, then bag the rest of the serving. My husband very nicely devours the remains.
I have a niece who is really trying to lose weight.Sometimes I join her at family events that include meals. She and I can encourage each other to make wise choices when staring down those oh so tempting pastas.
At family pot lucks I like to bring desserts. One is low sugar and lower in carb than "normal." I don't tell people it is adjusted in any way. Then I include something I've been craving. Like my favorite cookie or cheesecake from the instant box that has way too much sugar. Then I eat 1 serving and never ever bring any leftovers back home with me. I know I have absolutely no will power with certain foods when we are alone together.
My husband is very helpful. I take 1 bite of irresistible barbecue anything and he then he eats the rest.

Momma Day's Girl
Momma Day's Girl 2010-07-05 18:27:14 -0500 Report

I am a cake baker too , and that is why I love Splenda. It makes our homemade desserts worthwhile, yes I feed it to my whole family and grandkids. LOL

Graylin Bee
Graylin Bee 2010-07-05 23:32:27 -0500 Report

Love Splenda too. I have converted several recipes that I used when I was making desserts at an Assisted Living Home. It was hard to tell them from the original. Often they tasted better. You have a lucky family.

RAYT721 2010-07-05 09:53:54 -0500 Report

First of all I am sorry to hear that you were not feeling well. I hope you're feeling better today. I am especially cautious when going to parties, potlucks, etc because unless I have made the entree I am about to eat, I am never sure of the ingredients that other people use. As a result I usually bring food that I have made to insure that I know how much sugar, for example, I use. If the rib/chicken were smothered in BBQ sauce who knows how much sugar was in it and/or carb count. The same is true for the baked beans. It may have been one or the combination that affected you. For future parties, bring yourself a side salad from Wendys for $1 as a "just in case" food item that you know you can eat. Water and a good walk is usually your best bet to drop the BG levels. It's so tempting sometimes to try a little of everything to not offend others but you have your own dietary and nutritional needs that must come first.

runthe 2010-07-05 10:02:35 -0500 Report

I am feeling much better thank you. That is a good idea for me to take a salad or to bring my own food to some of the outings i attend. I have turned down invites to parties because i know that their will be lots of foods that is not right for me to eat.
Thanks for your concern

RAYT721 2010-07-05 12:06:50 -0500 Report

Hey Hon… you can bring your own chocolate too!!! :) Have you tried the Atkins Daybreak bars… they taste like candy but only 2-3 g carbs. Make sure to moan while you're eating them for added effect. :) (hugz)

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