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If all pill medication stops working, what am I looking at next? Am I looking at getting shots? I would like to know for my own personal peice of mind. I am to 3200 mg of Gabpentin a day which is the highest I can go. I still am in pain so would like any help. Thanks

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Katsarecool 2010-07-05 03:47:27 -0500 Report

I have seen a new topical nerve pain remedy advertised on TV. Anyone else see it? I don't remember the name though. I would try just about anything.

jayabee52 2010-07-05 03:03:27 -0500 Report

Howdy LJ

There are other medications which may be used for neuropathy pain, some of them off-label uses of antidepressant drugs .

Gabapentin wasn't working for me, so because my Kidneys are weak, my kidney Dr switched me to Nortriptyline, (which I understand is an antidepressant).

Your Dr will need to make a recommendation with which s/he is comfortable.

I know of no medication for Neuropathy pain which is injectable - but I am not a Dr or pharmacist.

There are other therapies which others have found helps them with their neuro pain. One is Anodyne light therapy. another is called Alpha Stim pain management. Go to the discussions page and use the search feature there. You might search for "neuropathy" or "Anodyne" or "alpha stim" to find more information. A LOT of people here have neuropathy (including me). You'll find a lot of discussions about it and the best ways to deal with it.

Good Hunting!

Blessings to you and yours

GabbyPA 2010-07-04 08:09:48 -0500 Report

Another outlet might be a podiatrist. Not that your Endo doesn't know, but that old foot doctor knows a thing or two as well, and a second opinion from a different point of view might be helpful.

spiritwalker 2010-07-03 19:00:16 -0500 Report

What works for some doesn't work for others. Its up to your Endo to decide what is best for you. I have had the condition
for a number of years. You might ask your Dr. about other
rx such as Lyrica. My Endo told me years ago to stop drinking
anything with caffeine or carbonation. I did this and it helped
me. He ordered pressure stockings, and special shoes. This
all helps me. You need to be honest with your Dr. and explain
to him or her what is going on with you. That is the only
way they can be of help. I hope you find the answers you need.
I know how painful this can be. Good luck to you.

ljhamlin 2010-07-08 21:43:49 -0500 Report

I have stopped all caffeine and carbs, and I do think i need a second opinion. Thanks for your help

MAYS 2010-07-03 16:30:11 -0500 Report

In all honesty, you should consult your doctor concerning any prescribed medication and any recommendations of such, due to the individualism of the patient (you), the medical condition that is being treated, previous medications and prior health issues.

Once a medication has been either recommended or prescribed, there are numerous websites and forums that can be accessed to gain further insight and information for such, (this is my personal opinion), I wish that I could be of more assistance to you.