Parenting Advice for Raising 2 Diabetics

By melanie76 Latest Reply 2010-07-21 08:55:07 -0500
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I have 2 sons and myself that are type 1 diabetic. One is 15 and was diagnosed at age 11 and my other son is 9 and was just newly diagnosed. I am having a very hard time with my oldest son and him taking care of himself. Since Nov. of last year he has been in the hospital 5 times (twice in ICU.) I don't want my youngest to do the samething too. So how do I get them on the right track.

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LKeplinger 2010-07-21 08:55:07 -0500 Report

Rebellion, burn out…who knows. I would seek professional help…maybe a counselor that he can talk to. It may be that, you as a mom with experience with the disease, speaks to him more out of fear and frustration than as someone who is neutral and more removed from the family circle. Believe me—- he more than understands more than what you think. It may be more about self control, deciding his own direction of travel, taking the initial first steps of separation from you than about self destruct mode. I am all too familiar—- my son was diagnosed when he was 5 and is now 18. Try having conversations (not discussions) with him that revolve around subjects other than his diabetes (and it is his diabetes). What are his interests?? If you are not familiar with his interests, do a little homework so that you can chit-chat with him. Is he involved in sports? Does he have a particular hobby? Hang in there!

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GabbyPA 2010-07-04 08:27:31 -0500 Report

Teens are rough even when they don't have life threatening illnesses. They just don't realize the pain they put their family through. At the same time, we don't really understand what they are going through. Isolation is a huge issue and maybe like KD mentioned, a camp for kids with diabetes could be a great option. There is a member here who found a way to get it paid for that might help, specially if you send two.

melanie76 2010-07-04 14:53:38 -0500 Report

See the thing is that I do know what he is going through because I am a type 1 diabetic also and did the same thing he is doing now (but just not as bad) and I guess that is why I 'm so hard on him and his brother, because I know the out come of what happens when you don't care of yourself. And when it comes to camp, I don't have any control over that because he goes to his father's for the whole summer. I think that camp would be really good for him. It was for me. But thank you for your thoughts. Everything helps.

GabbyPA 2010-07-04 21:18:16 -0500 Report

How do they do when they are at Dad's place? Is dad on board with taking care of them?

melanie76 2010-07-05 01:15:47 -0500 Report

My oldest one is the only one that goes to his father's. And no he is not. He doesn't think that Jeremy needs camp, that it is a waste of time. Tells him things like"he can get rid of his diabetes etc. Now for Chris, he is ready for camp and wants to go. And his dad is on board.

Kim-islet transplant
Kim-islet transplant 2010-07-03 14:40:58 -0500 Report

Wow, it sounds like me when I was a teenager - the rebelious stage. I just didn't care, ate what I wanted when I wanted - sometimes just to spite my mom & dad. But in the 70's when I was 13 and diagnosed, there was no such thing as support groups, Diabetic camps… so you're lucky to have some options in dealing with your son. Let us know how it goes. I wish you and your family only the best.

RAYT721 2010-07-03 07:02:50 -0500 Report

Such difficult ages! It's hard for us to manage ourselves sometimes let alone manage others. I agree with the post about the diabetic camps. There are some youth groups in various communities that may be able to help your sons find successful peer role models. I remember when I was younger I knew so much more than my parents, doctors and everyone else. (sarcasm). The best advice is to be the best role model you can be by practicing what you preach and giving plenty of hugs and positive communication. You may know about diabetes but you don't know about being a boy. That's where other young mentors can come into play. Keep us posted!!!

kdroberts 2010-07-03 06:17:35 -0500 Report

Have you thought about a diabetic camp? It might help to be around a lot of others going through the same thing.