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Have you ever shopped online and found little boxes around the check out with a place to enter promotional or campaign codes? Have you ever wondered where to get those codes? Well, sometimes you will get special offers that refer to a certain code to enter for free shipping or discounts from mailings or advertising but there are also websites where you can post, share or take codes.

I use them all of the time for my TracFone cell phone renewals. I will buy 60 minutes and get 30 free or whatever. I usually go to a search engine to type “promotional codes Tracfone.” I find the codes for a lot of sites and they can be pretty profitable when you add them up.

You can go to most search engines and put in keywords like promotional codes, online coupons, campaign codes, discount codes, whatever … and you’ll get some matches. This works especially well once you have found an online source you want to buy from. Before placing your orders, do a quick search for codes.

Check out:

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monkeymama 2010-07-02 22:21:13 -0500 Report

I'll have to try this and see if there is any for shoes or other stuff.

RAYT721 2010-07-02 22:41:48 -0500 Report

You'll find codes for lots of places. Just remember that free shipping ($6) on a $60 pair of shoes is 10%. Those 10% savings add up. Alot of times you'll find you can save $10 off of $50 or get this free with purchase of that. Of course I don't think I own a total of $60 worth of shoes in my whole closet. :)

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