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Following up newsbytes here and on Health Central — many of which originate at news agencies and are similar and superficial — I come across more and more technical and lay-technical publications related to diabetes, diabetes management, and diabetes research — yet I've not found a single location (other than a burgeoning RSS reader) in which the titles are aggregated, sorted by level of technical accessibility, and indexed one to the other for easy follow-up. Does such a site exist? If so, where?

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John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-08-28 07:22:54 -0500 Report

I am not aware of a site that does all that you're hoping for. I did run across this site the other day and it seems to be a pretty good source for technical information.


tmana 2008-08-28 08:10:07 -0500 Report


To give you an idea where I've been over the past couple of days (besides what I should be doing — sewing): _Diabetes_, on the ADA site; Canadian Medical Association Journal (following up two separate try-to-scare-the-pants-off-you newswires on Health Central regarding LDL levels and cancer in T2 patients); PLOS-One (an online journal to whose diabetes-related posts I subscribe via RSS); Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (following up another inflammatory newswire on Health Central); Journal of Lipid Research (following up still another Health Central newswire).

Tomorrow I will get the announcements/abstracts of The Lancet's weekly postings. I also subscribe to BioMed Central's RSS feeds for Endocrine Disorders, Nutrition & Metabolism, and Family Practice (these often have implications for diabetes care and management). If I searched, I could probably find another dozen technical journals either directly focusing on diabetes, or which have a strong diabetes-related component, or which are of peripheral interest to diabetes-related medical practice or diabetes-related medical research without half trying.

Some of these can be reasonably comprehended by the general lay person; some require a certain level of technical understanding; others may present challenges for medical practioners (as opposed to researchers). I recently had a comment where I'd posted the link to the original article (in CMAJ) rather than the oversimplified newswires on Health Central where the reader needed something less technical. My mind is seeing something as well-organized as an online research database, but with a drugs.com-like component where one can filter the level of technical detail presented. I don't know how useful something like this would be… but I also don't want to try to reinvent the wheel.

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