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I just signed up with livestrong.com and was tracking my sugar levels, among other things. It asked me what my "range" is for my BS. How is this determined?

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sue11542 2011-07-21 13:19:37 -0500 Report

Your personal range would be your lowest and highest sugars, for instance if your lowest were lets say 62 and your highest were 190 your range would be 62-190. The 70-100 is the new ADA range for "normal". Below 70 would be hypoglycemic and above 100 would be hyperglycemic. The ADA periodically changes their supposed norman range. As a diabetic you should aim for a fasting sugar, that is a first morning sugar of about 110. Tha would be good!!! Just remember to livestrong and stay strong.

JoleneAL 2011-07-21 10:36:13 -0500 Report

I've noticed the older I get (whistles) the higher my low end range is for me. I use to be fine above 70 - now below 80 and I'm ill. I wonder if having tighter control makes that happen to?

jlively1 2011-07-21 10:12:50 -0500 Report

Hey guys, make sure you aren't going too low (everyone's "low" is different). I'm hypoglycemic and going too low can be VERY dangerous!!

Beardenise 2011-07-21 09:42:05 -0500 Report

you need to have a good relationship with your Doctor..ask specific questions and find out what is healthy for you. whats good for me may not be the best for you…it's a very personal desease.Diet is the best control you have, I've had it for 3 years, and now have an A1c of 5.3…lost 70 lbs and the Doctor says by december I'll be off meds. we work as a team to control it, so develope a repour with your Doctor and find out what is best for you.

apricot 2011-07-21 06:37:04 -0500 Report

I believe that under 110 is a good range. It all depends on the person. Some people feel better if it is higher and if it drops below 130 she feels awful.

jayabee52 2011-07-20 23:17:58 -0500 Report

Just heard of a new range 70-100 is now considered "normal" by my fridnd's new Dr. By that range he is now considered diabetic where before his fasting of 110 placed him in the prediabetic category.

MoeGig 2011-07-20 19:57:41 -0500 Report

The numbers below are good…I shoot for 80 to 180 and that gives me an A1C in the 6's. If you try to go below 6, you run the risk of low's. Anything below 7 is great…congrats. Oh, BTW, don't give up cheese..no need to; cut out the carbs if you want/need to lose weight.

Art Loving
Art Loving 2011-03-20 12:48:09 -0500 Report

I track my BS on Diabetic Daily. My line graph last week was all over with many peaks and valleys. I exercised 8 days in a row at the Y. My high was 158 on waking. My waking BS are high. I use cinnamon caps but may have taken more than what is effective. I'm always reading and changing my diet. I'm now taking cheese out of my diet. I LOVE cheese, but learned the fat in it is not good. I likely knew it but ignored it until now.

llebron01 2010-07-10 09:13:40 -0500 Report

this is what i found:
For most people, good blood sugar levels are:

On waking up (before breakfast) 80 to 120
Before meals 80 to 120
2 hours after meals 160 or less
At bedtime 100 to 140

mine were high this morning because of eating late yesterday and most of the time they range from 90 to 150 (which is high) early morning.

GabbyPA 2010-07-01 20:40:16 -0500 Report

Don't you just love the live strong team? That site is great and I love the new diabetic section. That is really helping me see visually what my numbers are telling me.

Kirla 2010-07-01 19:40:46 -0500 Report

My target range is 70 –110. Sometimes I go up to 120-130 and I figure its ok once in a while. Most of the time it’s under 105. I sometimes go down into the upper 60’s and recently found that at 2-3 in the morning I sometimes go under 60 in the upper 50’s. I found that even when it goes into the upper 50’s I feel fine, I just go back to sleep. My last 4 A1C’s have all been under 6 and my lowest was 5.4. A target range of 80-120 I figure is just fine, should give you an A1C somewhere between 5.5 and 6. If it doest you may have to rethink your range. I figure as long as my A1C stays below 6 I’m doing good.


theladyiscrazy 2010-07-05 11:19:50 -0500 Report

WOW Kevin. that is great. My last A1C was 7 (not too bad) and that was down from a 10.9 so that was good for a two month spread. Still have to get lower though.

Kirla 2010-07-05 11:53:32 -0500 Report

10.9 to 7 is real good for 2 months. Mine went from 14.1 to 5.9 in about 4 months. You still got 2 months left.

I figure it was the water and low carb vegetables. Lots of water, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, pickles, cabbage and salads everyday. I would force myself to eat a piece of fish or skinless chicken breast at night to get my calories above 1200.

Keep making the progress you have made so far and soon your A1C will got below 6 also.

If not then you have to use the meter with some basic knowledge of what spikes our blood sugar and keep reducing starchy carbs until you get your numbers down to normal.

Good luck

llebron01 2010-07-10 09:15:49 -0500 Report

how do you manage to get low sugars? my ac1 has been under 7 for little while now but when i see 200 i panic…doctor put me on pradin, actos plus and byetta twice daily (10 units)…i need help keeping them down.

Kirla 2010-07-10 12:11:16 -0500 Report

I made lots of changes to my diet. I found that drinking lots of water. Just water!!!! And eating lots of low carb vegetables and a salad everyday helped a lot. I believe this helped with the insulin resistance.

Last year my A1C was 14.1 and fasting blood sugar was 366. It only took about a month for the numbers to drop a lot. I haven’t seen a 200 in about 16 months. I was only diagnosed 18 months ago.

I write how I control my blood sugar on my blog. Click the link below to read my story.


You seem to be taking lots of meds. I’m not sure the effect of the meds, but if you decide to drink lots of water and eat lots of low carb vegetables and start testing the foods you eat and cut back on starchy carbs, you may have to be careful about going low. I can’t tell you how to take your meds or how to cut back on them when your blood sugar drops. That’s something you need to talk with your doctor about.

But most doctors will tell you, you need to eat the carbs and take the meds. You have to make a choice and either follow your doctors instructions or find a doctor that believes in cutting carbs to control your blood sugar. Maybe your doctor will be willing to listen. Mine wasn’t.

What you do is up to you. I just know how I did it. I eat well and have a variety of foods and feel satisfied after eating. I also test 6 + times a day. I probley could cut back now but I find it hard to do. I have gotten addicted to testing. Don’t feel right if I don’t test before and after most meals.

You can see how my numbers dropped by clicking on the link below. I have recorded all my numbers for whoever wants to take a look can do so.


You may find that some of the things I did may help you and again it may not. I just don’t see any down side in eating lots of low carb vegetables and drinking lots of water and cutting out some of the starchy carbs. I highly recommend broccoli or cauliflower everyday.

Good luck

sycamorehank 2010-08-01 00:37:38 -0500 Report

WOW Kevin thats awesome I go for my 2nd A1C test Augest 31 first test was 10.7 lost 50lbs since then Thanks for sharing your story Aaron

Harlen 2010-07-01 15:19:03 -0500 Report

If you run from 70 to 130 that is your range
My tatget range is 80 to 125
I hope thats what your asking
Best wishes

theladyiscrazy 2010-07-05 11:18:25 -0500 Report

I have never been at 70. :( YET. I still normally between 113 to 135. Still working on it though. I know she would like me lower.

kdroberts 2010-07-01 15:11:37 -0500 Report

What do you want it to be? What has your doctor said?

theladyiscrazy 2010-07-01 15:16:43 -0500 Report

Dr. M didn't say anything about ranges. She did tell me if I went under 80, that I needed to call her right away. I know what she wants my cholesterol to be, but not the high for me for BS.

I would image I would need it to be under 120???? Or is that too low?