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I have just watched 'Diabetic Radio' episodes 6 & 13. I picked up some interesting pointers for those of us that are having problems finding funding to pay for our diabetic needs. The radio host had gotten this tip from one of his listeners. Needle exchanges are programs that donate NEW & sealed, free needles to those who cannot afford them. It's kinda like what some organizations are doing to get free insulin to 3rd world countries. He did give caution to staying away from these exchange programs if you were immune supressed (as he was - He had a kidney transplant).

The host spoke of a friend who was doing so well with her BS levels, cholesterol & B/P weight control, that she decided on her own to stop taking her meds. She went to church one Sunday and during the service she began to feel really tired. After church she went home and went to bed and never woke up. That is why it is so VERY IMPORTANT not to stop taking your meds without consulting your MD.

I believe he was talking about having a hypoglycemic episode and how to get sugar into your system as fast as possible. He said the fastest way was to use pancake syrup which you could get for about $1.59 and put a little under your tongue subligually. The same listener who spoke of less expensive ideas liked to use chocolate milk and obtain the same results.

Some of the ideas that the host had were like, if you take Metformin 500mg daily, get your MD to write the Rx for 4 x 500mg tabs per day but you continue to take 1 pill per day. Only now your Rx will last for 4 months instead of one, and if you are using a big name discount pharmacy your Rx would be around $10.00 instead of $40.00. I actually have my MD doing this with one of my meds. She writes the Rx for Glimepiride 4mg each evening, but she told me just to take 1/2 a pill so I get 2 months worth for a 1 month price of $4.00.

Other ideas given were to use manufacture coupons for meters and supplies. I have had 4 meters since they started to monitor my BS and I have only paid up front for one of them, then I got a refund from the drug company for the full amount. So in actual fact I have not bought a meter at all.
Ask your Pharmacist for names of companies that help patients that cannot afford their meds.

Your MD usually has a closet full of samples that the Drug Reps bring around usually with lunch for the staff or some other type of goody, just to get the MD to try their medicines. I know my MD has been a tremendous help to both me & my husband in this regard. She knows my financial status and so all I have to do is give her a call and if she's got them she is great about giving them out.

Lastly, the host said to use some of the Websites for money saving offers. He said he had found that was by far the best site to go to.

I know I will be listening to Diabetic Radio again in the future.

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Thanks for the review! These kinds of things really save a lot of time sorting through the media overkill we sometimes get exposed to. I enjoy when members take the time to give positive and negative feedback on articles, products, websites, etc. Thanks so much for the contribution. Keep 'em coming!!!

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