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My Dr. recently put me on insulin and I recieved a free information offer.Included in it there is a 9 page booklet,"Meal planning, for people with diabetes" It would be a good reference guide for necomers It is chock full of information such as READING FOOD LABELS, NUTRIYION FACTS, COUNT THE TOTAL CARBOHYDRATES,LOOK FOR FOODS W/Fiber,LIMIT SATURATED FAT.CHOLESTEROL,TRANS FAT& Sodium5 pages of food lists. with a breakdown of serving size,Calories, carb grams carb servings, meal planning etc It can be requsted By going to

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GabbyPA 2008-09-08 06:43:09 -0500 Report

I believe you can also get a similar (if not the same)book on the ADA website. They offer many booklets there for FREE and they are often symptom, gender or culturally based, making it easy for you to narrow down your slection based on your needs. That is great that it is out there. The best thing we can do (next to elimination processed foods) is learning how to read the lables and know what is in our foods. It can be like reading a horror story though, so be prepared.

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