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By runthe Latest Reply 2010-06-29 10:38:53 -0500
Started 2010-06-29 07:49:41 -0500

Hello all, I have notice that i have been feeling like my whole left side seems to fall asleep and wakes up. you know the feeling like when your leg goes to sleep after sitting awhile. this only used to happens when i tried to jog or run. now it happens when i am sitting, sleeping walking, or standing up. Does anyone seems to have this problem. It is happening more each day. thank you runthe

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MAYS 2010-06-29 08:08:00 -0500 Report

I am not familiar with this but my guess would be it's the result of either neuropathy, heart issues or poor blood circulation. (I'm not trying to alarm you)

Please do not take my non professional opinion as guidance or fact, see your doctor about this or any other health related condition.


kdroberts 2010-06-29 08:34:48 -0500 Report

I would agree with that. It does sound like typical symptoms associated to all those things.

To runthe, how does your blood sugar run throughout the day?

runthe 2010-06-29 10:04:29 -0500 Report

My blood sugar is good running from 85 to about 140 at most. I had a heart test in january everything was good. Blood sugar was high 400 plus for about d months. when i went to the doc he say that my a1c is at 8.5

kdroberts 2010-06-29 10:38:53 -0500 Report

If your A1c is 8.5 then it's possible that you are having higher blood sugar than 140 at some point during the day, or it may be the 400s tailing off. Also, with blood sugars 400+ previously you may have caused some damage already. Don't go to the ER unless you think it's urgent enough, just see if you can reschedule your September appointment. You should be able to get in within a couple of days.

runthe 2010-06-29 10:10:52 -0500 Report

Thanks Mays you're right. i need to see a doctor about this. I might have to go to ER since I don't have a appt with my pcp until september.

bettymachete 2010-06-29 08:03:58 -0500 Report

Body numbness can result from anything from a pinched nerve, hypothyroidism, stroke. Have you had a car accident or anything that would cause a jolt to the brain, neck or spine in the last few years? Some people walk away from accidents thinking they are perfectly fine and find out years later that they have damage related to that accident. Mild strokes can leave you with periods of body numbness, you can have a stroke and not know it. A stroke's effects can be undetectable if the stroke is small or if the tissue damaged does not serve a critical function. Evidence of the stroke would show on a CT scan or an MRI of the brain, but it might not produce symptoms. In any case it is something you do not want to ignore. Make an appointment to see your doctor asap!

runthe 2010-06-29 10:07:13 -0500 Report

I went to see a neurologist last year and they said that everything looked good.
Since I go to the county for all medical needs my next doctor appt to see my pcp is in late september.

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