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Hello,I am new to this site and my name is Mark H. I am 40yrs old from Salem, OR. I was told I had type 2 Diabities in 2008 and have been taking Oral meds for it until I went in for sugar blood work. Got the report bck and was told I was gonna have to start insuline. When I start using my insuline it was just at bedtime 100units now I am down to 50 units but, I am also on 2000mg of Metphormin.

But, I would like to go back to 2000 when I was at a weight of over 600lbs and was old by my doc that I was in good health minus 2 back operations. I started to lose weight and things went down hill instead of up hill. My back got worse and I became a Diabetic. I now have Many health issues mainly physical. I have 2 balging Disks in lower back, I have Degenerative Disk Desease, Hep C, Diabities amongst other physical problems and mental health issues. All this started when I started to lose the weight and I dont know what to do. I have been on all the pain meds u can name and now I am on 3600mg of Beta Blocker(which is the max dose) and it is starting not to work. and I dont know what to do. I have my good days and I have my bad days but, more and more I am haveing bad days. I used to beable to walk with just a cane and now I am walking with 2 arm crutches (likes those of MS people use). So any help would be nice.


Mark H

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GabbyPA 2010-06-27 22:03:05 -0500 Report

Hello Mark and welcome to the community. It is good to be here and I think you will find a great support. There are many who suffer many of the things you have described, so I am sure they will share their ways of coping.

One thing that I read that I hope you will change in your thinking is that loosing the weight seems to have brought with it much of the pain you are enduring. All I can say is just imagine how much worse it would be if you had not lost that weight. You have accomplished no small feat, so keep going in that direction and you will find that it will help with being able to access many of the treatments that you could not have done before. You are doing great, and if you can focus on the good thing, then some of the bad ones don't seem so bad. It's not easy, but it is a life saver in many ways.

You have done great so far! We are here to help you get the rest of the way and get control of at least a few things in your life.

monkeymama 2010-06-27 13:25:06 -0500 Report

Hello there Mark! Welcome to our community here. I can understand the whole back thing here. I have A LOT of back problems and other medical issues besides diabetes. I do not know if you have a pool near you or not but when I am in pain I try sitting in the pool. The pool can take some of the heavy feeling off of you and offer you a possibility of pool exercises as well. if not a pool, soaking in a pool temp bath also helps. I can only hope things get better for you and try to find a positive line of hope and faith.

Debbieevans 2010-09-23 22:37:09 -0500 Report

That's a great idea and what I do but I get something from my doc to go to aquatics to exercise at the YMCA. Depending on your income u can get a scholership and pay like 10.00 a month. Also you go to Physical Therapist and she will evaluate you for what exercises you do and is there with you. By the way welcome Mark. I am pretty new here too. I have to use insulin and take 2,000 mg metforum, 1,000 at breakfast and 1,000 at supper time. I have fibromyalgia, 2 discs that are bulging, diabeties and more. My husband had back surgery because of degenerative discs and is doing great.

Harlen 2010-06-27 11:37:08 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
We are all famly here and try to help each other as best we can
Best wishes

gregsteele 2010-06-27 10:35:43 -0500 Report

Welcome to DC as RAY said we are family here since i joined i have made so many friends that im just in awe the people here will be able to help with any issues you have no one person will know it all but collectively you will learn a ton of stuff again welcome and good luck love to all GREG

RAYT721 2010-06-27 08:46:18 -0500 Report

Welcome to our little community with the tag line of friends, discussions and more. To be totally honest I am a newbie here but I have already collected a group of friends here who I have never met and probably never will but that I can honestly say fulfill my need for family. Please join me.

It sounds like you have alot of medical issues and I hope the good days outweigh the bad. It's great that you've reduced some of you insulin requirements and as you set and achieve your goals, who knows what the future will bring? We're here to help, support, encourage, motivate, inform and do whatever you need us to do. In exchange we will learn from you as you share your experiences and journey.

This truly is a great place. I've been around the web quite a bit and feel so comfortable here. I hope you will also.

Feel free to add me as a friend so we can get to know each other. I don't have all of the answers but I have a genuine concern for others. I'm here to listen… anytime!