"Que sera, sera" ... Whatever will be, will be

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"Que sera, sera" …

Que sera, sera.
Whatever will be, will be.
The future's not ours to see.
Que sera, sera.
What will be, will be.


(that is ONLY if YOU let it be)

We may not be able to see the future, but as diabetics we can alter our future somewhat for the better daily.

How are you altering your future as a diabetic on a daily basis ?


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alanbossman 2010-06-27 07:20:38 -0500 Report

I to make diabetes my number one thing to take care of daily, I know what the alternative of not taking care of my diabetes can do to me. And I need to be around to love and watch my grandchildren grow up. Both my grandchildren inspire me to keep my diabetes in check. They are the love of my life.

MAYS 2010-06-28 02:00:46 -0500 Report

Alan, very well stated.

Grandchildren infuse us with life, just when we think that we are at the end of our rope with life and all of it's issues, a child's voice, smile or touch gives us all the strength and motivation needed to continue pushing forward.
Hold your grandchildren close. as much as possible and let them know that they inspire you, I see that same reaction in my mother when her grandchildren are present, I hope to reach that point in life one day.


petals 2010-06-26 22:07:34 -0500 Report

How am I altering my future as a diabetic? I have a simple answer , taking care of myself on a daily basis, no matter what comes my way. I have to put taking care of my diabetes at the top of my to-do list every single day, diabetes doesn't take a vacation, so I can't take a day off of taking care of it.

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