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Hello everyone !
For those of yoou living in the heat, hope you are able to stay cool.
the heat is why I am writing this discussion. I, myself, do not deal well with the heat and humidity…at all. I have been trying to eat like I am suppose to: eat like a King in the morning, a Prince in the afternoon, and a pauper at night. But, with this heat, even eating like a pauper at night is hard to do. I just do not want to eat. During the day I try to eat foods like grapes and other foods high in water content and drink plenty of fluids. Which is probably another reason why by the end of the day, I do not feel like eating. Does anyone else have this problem and if so, how do you eat to make sure you do not end up with super lows and then super highs when you finally do eat?

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One important thing for heat is to stay hydrated so make sure you are getting plenty of water. Water will fill you up but it won't give you the nutrition that your body needs for metabolism, energy, etc. Consider taking mutli vitamins for that extra nutrition that you may not get from food. I personally eat 6-8 times a day regardless of the temperatures and while I certainly won't feel like roasting a chicken in the middle of a 90 degree day, there are alternatives to insure that you get the calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc.

It is important to eat regularly and especially smaller meals or snacks more frequently. It's your body that has to decide what to eat, when to eat, and how (often) to eat.

You should jump start your day with the best breakfast you can have and that gives you more leeway on what to have. There are mornings I will have a yogurt and/or Atkins protein bar. Other mornings I might have an egg beater omelet or bran cereal. There are other days when I want oatmeal or fruit or maybe even a few low fat cheese sticks. We won't call the breakfast police but you should have something, anything that you like in order to get the day started.

It's important to eat what you like not what's on some diet of what you should have or what other people have. You are in charge!!! Just make sure to get a decent amount of food because starvation isn't going to do your mind, body or soul a darn bit of good.

I don't overeat during the day but I do get 6-8 food choices and there are times that is as simple as a cup of vegetables by themselves… that's it. Sometimes I might want a glass of milk. Other times I may crave a sugar free pudding or popsicle.

I don't overdo my dinners and sometimes people will stare at me if I have only a lean meat and vegetable choice, no bread or starch. Other time I may want a cup of Suddenly Salad or even a Wendy's 99 cent side salad (no dressing… lemon wedges please).

I think variety is important when it comes to food. I can't eat the same things over and over again. If I have yogurt I will vary the flavors of it.

Just make sure that you take care of your body by giving it fuel. Test frequently. Drink water. Exercise. Get a potluck group of friends together.

We are here to help you with recipes, menu plans and/or just simply conversation or motivation.

Let me know if I can help in any way!!!

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