Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D

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Hi , earlier I told everyone about my vitamin B12 being low, well I have an update about that. My doctor sent off my bloodwork, part of it any way, the results came back yesterday. I just got back from her office. My vitamin B 12 was lower then we thought, I am now taking 1.000mcg a day, this could be caused from the Metformin that I am taking. So if you are taking that make sure your doctor checks this out from time to time. Ok now on to the Vitamin D, the test showed that I have virtually none of this in my system, so I am taking 50,000iu once a week for the next 12 weeks, which then it will be checked again. She didn't know why I have this problem, I have tried to check online to find something, and the only thing that I could find said it could be from lack of poor blood sugar control. My doctor or I either one thinks that is the cause, since my A1C level is 5.3 and the highest bs level I had in the past year was 135. Does anyone know anything about this? Can you tell me where I should look for info on this? I am worried about this big time. Thanks for listening to me.

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Diane987 2010-06-25 16:23:11 -0500 Report

Doctor Oz talks about Vitamin D3 and how being overweight almost guarantees that your D3 is low. Apparently vitamin D3 is fat soluble, so the more overweight you are the more likely it is that you are deficient. I couldn't find the clip from his show but hie talked about it on GMA.

petals 2010-06-25 21:32:36 -0500 Report

What is Vitamin D3?

Diane987 2010-06-26 08:58:38 -0500 Report

Vitamin D has two major forms that are relevant to human consumption. Vitamin D2 is derived from a plant source. Vitamin D3 has a few sources: it can be derived from an animal source, found is some food sources, or produced by the skin when exposed to an ultraviolet B light source (sun or artificial).

Vitamin D3 is the one humans really need. The best source as Doctor Oz said in the video clip above is 15 minutes of sun exposure a day for light skinned people. Darker skin tones require an hour to absorb enough ultraviolet B rays to produce necessary D3.

The problem for us being Type 2 diabetics is that most of us have a weight problem. Because D3 is fat soluble we need to up our intake of D3 in order to have adequate levels. Vitamin D3 is important not just for processing calcium but also helps prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and control diabetes.

Here is an article that explains it all.

petals 2010-06-26 13:04:23 -0500 Report

Diane, thank you so much for your help, I just watched the video and read the article. The info really helped me. I will have to lose more weight and get some sun each day, a little sun will not hurt me, I am so white I glow at night!!! I have lost over 50 lbs but still need to lose at least 50 more. Thanks for helping me out.

Angel11 2010-06-27 07:57:20 -0500 Report

I really enjoyed the video and I was wondering if you could find the Vitamin D3 in like wal-mart or other stores or pharmacies. Thank you for all the information and I really do appreciate it.

Diane987 2010-06-27 15:42:43 -0500 Report

The best source for D3 is sunlight with no sunscreen for 15 minutes a day. You can put sunscreen on your face so you won't get wrinkles. The supplements are available in many stores and pharmacies, including Walmart. Just make sure it is D3 and not just D.