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I need to know how many struggle with this? Just because the doc says well, you're diabetic…all of a sudden all your food issues are supposed to disappear and you eat right and exercise and diabetes is all under control or you will kill yourself!!! Right???? Wrong! It's all still there, only now I fear every bite I consume and the guilt is overwhelming! I see a therapist once a week and do my best to compensate for "mistakes," but what do I do? Do I just get used to the idea I will be dying sooner than later because I can't get a grip on this??? How do I feel better? I don't want to be sick and I resent my diabetes and myself for letting it happen! Another thought…My daughter is pre-diabetic and will not heed any bit of warning from my dilemma. I have tried to tell her I was healthy as a horse at her age ! She is scaring the SH%# out of me.

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LauraS 2010-06-25 08:25:06 -0500 Report

I'm also an emotional eater and I"ve been very down and depressed lately because I can't eat the way I used to. It's not easy. I was diagnosed with type 2 on May 20, 2010 and since then my BS really hasn't gone below 200, this week fasting has been about 220. I'm realy upset because I thought I was eating a lot better and getting more exercise. I lost a few lbs and I do exercise more, probably not enough, and I do stay away from a lot of carbs but I'm a pasta/bread lover and it's so hard. If I even have a small amount of whole wheat (even dreamfields) pasta my numbers go up. I eat cereal for breakfast, should I go to plain eggs? It's all so complicated and I think the stress I'm feeling now is actaully making my BS go up even more. The doctor said if my numbers don't go down I have to take an addiitonal med. I'm already on 2000 metformin and 1.8 victoza (and a statin). I don't want to take more meds but I still like to eat too. I can feel your pain about your daughter being pre-diabetic, my boyfriend is overweight for the first time in his life and his BS was 165. I told him to be careful and cut back because I know he doesn't want to go on any meds ever. I hope we can find some answers here because I'm at my wits end.

munxees 2010-06-29 07:12:29 -0500 Report

Thanks so much for sharing your pain w me! I have the same problems w food choices as well. If you go to eggs, then there is cholesterol to consider. Are you religious? I am and I sometimes get discouraged thinking this is a pretty big punishment from God for not taking care of myself…does the punishment fit the crime??? I know I should not question God! My thoughts are everywhere all the time. Best of luck persuading your boyfriend to take care of himself…remind him it's not just about him, there are others who care about him too.

GabbyPA 2010-06-25 07:33:01 -0500 Report

Kids need examples and a strong hand. You are the parent and maybe her condition is what will cause you to work on the addiction. You buy the groceries, you cook the meals...set that example and leave her few options to fail at home, and she will come around. Involve her in the reading of labels and the carb counting. Even if you don't think it's helping now, she will remember the lessons you teach her later down the road.

I do what I call mindless eating. TV is my worst enemy. There is something that triggers in me to have to be eating while I watch TV. So, first thing, I try not to watch too much TV. If I am busy doing things, food is not such an issue.

Next, I try to keep healthy snacks in the house. If I don't have really bad things here, I don't fall too bad. My problem is quantity when I am in that mode.
Like me, you know the problem and you are doing something to help. Keep on.

What I also did was focus my inner foodie on finding healthy good things to cook for my family. I focused on getting my BG numbers lower so I experimented a lot. It kind of became a challenge or an adventure. Suddenly I was able to use food to help me instead of harm me. It really helps a lot. Specially if you involve your daughter in the adventure of it instead of the lecturing. Be honest...lecturing is hard to take. When you are a kid, all you hear is the Charlie Brown adult speak..wha, wha, wah, wah,...well, you get my point. LOL

munxees 2010-06-29 07:22:29 -0500 Report

Thanks for the advice!!! I should add that my daughter is 22 and buys and cooks her own foods. She also earns her own paycheck so it is very difficult to influence her, especially when she sees how I struggle, she rather not do that to herself. It's a vicious circle!!! I like the challenge that you made for yourself! I WILL definitely try it!!! And Charlie Brown is exactly it. I try not to nag and to be constructive so she will be more receptive. She is very different from me in that she feels she wants to live a full life and enjoy it and that it doesn't have to be a long one if its not meant to be. She really knows how to argue back lol!

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