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I recently started using Byetta along with my Metformin. I was wondering what kind of luck others were having with this medicine.

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Diane987 2010-06-29 14:34:05 -0500 Report

Hi Taterchip,

I love the name even though I don't eat them anymore :-)

For over 20 years I took insulin. In the past 10 years Actos has been added to my daily medications. Just in the past year Metformin has been added. In the past two months I have been taken off the insulin and put on Byetta. I did not go through the most common problems people go through like JulieC described. My only side effect is constipation. I was only on the 5 mcg dose for two weeks before I went to the full 10 mcg dose because I didn't have the usual issues with Byetta.

I had pretty good control with the insulin but I could not lose weight for anything. As a matter of fact I just steadily gained weight until I just got really tired of my doc telling me to lose weight and me telling her I'm trying. In the past 3 months I have had several changes. I started a new diet that is actually working, I started taking some different nutritional supplements that are working, and I switched to Byetta about 2 months ago. All of these changes make it difficult to say why I am losing weight, but I am. I have lost 30 pounds in just under 3 months time. My blood sugars have increased a little since I started Byetts, but my endo said to expect that while my body adjust to not getting extra insulin.

I can tell you that Byetta really does suppress your appetite. I don't feel hungry ever. I take my Byetta before breakfast and dinner. My instructions are to take it 1/2 hour to an hour before breakfast and dinner. I take my oral medications with my lunch because it gives me better blood sugar control throughout the day. You will have to find what time works for you. At 45 minutes I will start to get a little nausea after the Byetta injection. It goes away as soon as I start eating. The first couple of weeks I would get chilly for a little while after I took the shot, but that went away. One of the hardest things for me is taking the Byetta, then having to prepare a meal without tasting what I am cooking. That's about all I can tell you for now. I hope it helps.

Good luck and God Bless,


Momma Day's Girl
Momma Day's Girl 2010-07-04 16:28:28 -0500 Report

I noticed in your message you mentioned an endo. How did you get your doctor to recommend you to an endo?

taterchip 2010-07-13 15:12:07 -0500 Report

i quit smoking and started gaining weight and was complaining to him about it so he changed my medicine to byetta and metformin so i could loose some weight a nd and try to control my sugar better. ive lost about 17 lbs in about 2 months.

Diane987 2010-07-13 15:26:00 -0500 Report

Congratulations on the weight loss! How are you feeling taking Byetta? Are you having any of the side effects?

Diane987 2010-07-13 15:24:30 -0500 Report

I love my doctor for knowing when she does not have an answer. I wanted to try Byetta and she didn't want to change a plan in her mind was working so we were at a stand still. The endo suggestion was meant to break the tie so to speak. Really, the endo split the difference with her solution. I still take the Actos but am off the insulin. My doctor knows that no matter what specialist I see I will always need a family doctor. She had no reason to feel threatened by suggesting and endo to me.

JulieC 2010-07-13 20:05:17 -0500 Report

Family doc are good but endros are the best if you can go to one. Mine saved my live! The family doc was doing it all wrong.

JulieC 2010-06-23 19:43:57 -0500 Report

I have been on it about 6 months now. At made me sick to my stomach and had dirraria. I kept at it cause it made my numbers fall to perfect. Now I get a little sick feeling after I eat but goes away quickly. Im on Metforman, byetta, and 2mil.of glimride. I am extremly happy with it…and iv lost 25 lbs. Now my BS is between 65- 110 most of the time except when I cheat.

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