Type 2 Diabetes turning into Type 1

Ryan Fourney
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I a 22 year old male. When I was 20 years old i was diagnosed a type 2 diabetic, and I took metformin 500mg once a day, my sugar stayed perfect until now, my sugar is over 600 and the doctor has put me on metformin ER 2 times twice a day plus another med. to take with it, and also i had to have a insulin shot. I worried that I'm turning into a type 1 diabetic and have to take shots. I spoke to someone who thinks i was born type 1 but just now catching up to it because of the pancreas not making enough for me. any one having the same issue?

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HENNRICK 2010-06-25 20:21:05 -0500 Report

when i was young doctors did want to say that you were because inssuance problems but you never be type one it always cosited type no matter what meds your on it can go in to remission but always have it good luck i stated there to now i take two pill three shot a day i constatly cheak sugers and count everything my suger yo yo but a1c stay constant

kdroberts 2010-06-23 08:36:31 -0500 Report

Type 2 can never turn into type 1. You can be misdiagnosed with either and its possible to have type 1 and the insulin resistance that often comes with type 2 but one doesn't turn into the other. Have you looked up LADA? It's basically very similar to type 1 but rather than losing insulin production in a few days/weeks like a type 1 it can happen over a period years. Often its misdiagnosed as type 2 and usually oral mere work for a whipe. Eventually though insulin is the only option. Maybe also look up MODY. It sounds like you fit closer to LADA but it wouldn't hurt to find out about other forms of diabetes.

GabbyPA 2010-06-23 17:40:04 -0500 Report

So is there no chance that some one would be insulin resistant AND have a pancreas that doesn't work?

kdroberts 2010-06-25 20:31:18 -0500 Report

Yes, it's quite common in type 2's who are insulin resistant. After a while the pancreas kind of poops out. It's also possible for a type 1 to be insulin resistant as well. However, it's not one type turning into another type.

GabbyPA 2010-06-27 21:01:44 -0500 Report

So what do they call it when you have both issues? Is this what people call type 3 (I keep hearing about that, but can't find anything reliable on it)

AmyMarie2010 2010-06-23 00:28:25 -0500 Report

I've dealt with exactly the same thing! First, I was diagnosed as a type 2 in 2008. Then I was soon in the hospital with my blood sugar over 980 I was in DKA. That was when I was diagnosed as a type 1. Then another emergency visit and I was diagnosed as a double diabetic (both types) I'm now on an insulin pump and Metformin.
It's sooooooo hard to deal with it. =/ Let me know if there's anything you need!


alanbossman 2010-06-22 23:21:18 -0500 Report

I am T2 dx 2 years ago i was started on 28 units of lantus and 2000mg of metformin. I lost weight about 42lbs. eat portion size meals low carb and excrise. My insulin is now down to 15 units a day and metformin is the same my numbers are in control. My last A1c are 5.4,5.4,5.4and5.5. but i am still a T2.

MAYS 2010-06-22 23:38:44 -0500 Report

Alan, you are a living example of what can be accomplished when one is as dedicated to managing their diabetes as you are, you are truly an inspiration !

GabbyPA 2010-06-22 18:42:31 -0500 Report

As Mays said it is possible, but at the same time taking insulin does not equate Type 1 as many people believe. There are many type 2 diabetics that take insulin and more of them are doing it by choice. It is a better alternative for most because it has the fewest side effects and some of the best results. So you might be a type 1, but I would ask your doctor about that.

MAYS 2010-06-22 23:34:42 -0500 Report

A very good point made !
Many people think that if you are on insulin injections, you are a type 1 diabetic, that's not true.
There are many insulin taking type 2 diabetics, and insulin does help many diabetics control their glucose levels.


MAYS 2010-06-22 17:22:24 -0500 Report

From Type 2 diabetes to Type 1 is possible.
Yes you can be misdiagnosed, in my case, being a skinny type 2 most of my life, being athletic and at times, hard headed, caused much stress on my pancreas, for whatever the reason, my beta cells began decreasing, being destroyed by my immune system,

The result, TYPE 1 !

Misdiagnosis, no, it just happened (for me), if I only knew what was really happening inside of me back then.

Times have changed, get to know about diabetes, your body and yourself.


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