Lap-Band Surgery

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Hello everyone! I just had the Lap-Band Surgery done 8-18-08. So far, so good. I had 6 places where I have had stitches. It is done laproscope (sp.) There is a port which is left in just under the stomach. They use it to put saline solution in or out. I go on Sept. 2, 2008 to see how I am doing. I have been on a liquid protein diet for the first week. Today starts the second week and I can start very soft foods. I get totally full with the 8 ounces of liquid protein and can drink things like Crystal light or water in between meals which is very satisfying. I can see results already of losing weight. My doctor immediately took me off 2 of my diabetic medicines. He kept me on Lantus and Novalog. Will see what happens with that on the second. I stayed in the hospital overnight for 1 night and was released Tuesday. That Friday was when I started only taking pain meds at night. So far it is terrific. I will keep you all posted on the future. Let me know if you hae any questions and support.

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Kathie Sue
Kathie Sue 2008-10-18 07:29:20 -0500 Report

Hello There!
I had lap band surgery almost 2 years, and dealed with it for almost 1 year. I kept getting dehydrated and ended up in the hospital 9 times in seven weeks, before I had to have it removed. The reason, gastroparesis, caused by my diabetes. I pray that you do well, the down side of removing my band, I am already almost back to where I started.
Take care and God Bless!

taz2020 2008-09-28 20:52:20 -0500 Report

Is this different from gastric bypass surgery? Am I even thinking of the right thing or is procedure the same thing? Am I making any sence? One procedure seems a little older and I know of several people who died and one that had serious complications. Can any of you with experience tell me more about it and the emotional side to it as well. What is the new rules to eating with a much smaller stomach. Some people have said it's a really hard lifestle change with food. I understand that it's a tremendous decision and risks are always invovled.
Thanks and am happy you are doing so well. Hope to get some news from you!

Bluebutterfly 2008-09-28 22:45:41 -0500 Report

I go to I am a member there. They have forums for all the wls. You can ask all the questions you want or just lurk . I did for awhile. Then I would ask questions. They have one forum for people over fifty.

Punkie200 2008-10-14 12:33:14 -0500 Report

This is different than the gastric bypass. The lap-band can be reversed if necessary. The Gastric they remove part of your stomach and staple it. You lose weight faster with the gastric, but I personally feel lap-band is safer and easier.

Jh862 2008-11-22 19:40:38 -0600 Report

Lap Band is much less risky than the gastric bypass.

That said, I have 2 friends that had gastric bypass and were both were very successful. One had to have her stomach hole opened up again twice within 2 months because the scar tissue closed up…but she also didn't follow the diet, had a pureed burrito the first week after surgery, had alcohol within weeks, etc. It's been 3 years now for her, she lost 130 pounds (was only 100 pounds overweight) and is keeping it off. She worked for a hospital and had to pay very little.

The other friend had it done just over 4 years ago, lost over 100 pounds and was taken off meds for diabetes, blood pressure, etc…she was even using oxygen and now can do anything she wants.

A current co-worker had lap band and has lost 100 pounds in the past year. He said it's the best thing he ever did, but it cost him $25K out of pocket since our insurance specifically says it won't pay for anything weight loss related. He said he'd still do it again and we've talked a lot about it. I would love to get more info, but the cost (since it's all out of pocket) prohibits me from considering it. If I had the money, I'd do the lap-band since it's less invasive and reversible.

Punkie200 2008-09-23 03:08:38 -0500 Report

Ok folks! I am now up to losing 20 lbs. just after 2 months. I am starting to feel better already. I go back to the doctor on 10-4-08. I will let you know the results. It s amazing at how quickly I feel full. The only craving I had so far was peanut butter. So I ate 3 tbls. and yes the sugar did go up. But I am over that now. Since hitting 20 lbs. today I am really motivated again. I walk 1 to 2 miles a day with the WII. That helps me tremendously because I can do it at home and any time I feel like it. Best of luck to those of you who want to do this. What are you waiting for.

John Crowley
John Crowley 2008-09-22 15:22:48 -0500 Report

Punkie, that's great news. I can't believe that your doc could take you off two of your med's so quickly. That's very encouraging.

Jazz 2008-09-19 07:27:32 -0500 Report

Hi punkie I have qulified for the lap band have lost the weight just waiting for them to notify me I am having a hard time staying at my goal weight because i have gout and It makes my feet swell .I am happy for you would like to know how you are doing .good luck

Monique - 21071
Monique - 21071 2008-09-16 22:50:55 -0500 Report

Punkie wanted to see how you are feeling after your surgery? One of my co-workers had the lap band, which she got in Jan. She has lost 75 pounds since Jan. She was telling me it was the best thing she ever done. In fact she is not on any meds anymore, so I hope you have the same success. Hope all is well.

MISS PAM 2008-09-16 17:58:03 -0500 Report

How are you doing now? I'm considering gastric bypass but have to wean off certain meds I take for another condition first. I'm really interested in how you're doing. Thanks for sharing.


Monique - 21071
Monique - 21071 2008-08-26 13:36:04 -0500 Report

That is great to hear…I am trying to get approved for the surgery myself! I wish you the best…Keep me informed on how it is going with your results.