Kidney Problems

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Well I have diabeties have had it for years as an adult. Well because of poor care of it I am numb in both legs from the waist down. I have had my left leg amputated just below the knee and now have leval 4 ckd. I am on the list for transplant and I would like to say that some of the causes beside not haveing good care in the insulin I take is hard on the kidneys to. I still use it to keep sugar under controle and watch very closely my diet. I am on a very strict one because of kidney failure. They have leved opff but they are stll very bad. I am not on that machine yet but will b e soon doing it at home for those who dont know that you can do it at home to save travel and costs. I was told by my doctor if the kidneys stop working at all I would only have about 10 days to live so I got every bit of the information I could to help learn more about it. It is hard to live with but the family needs me as much as I need them. So I keep fighting this stuff to stay alive. I drove trucks in alaska and the USA for 31 years and now I have this so I am retired from that This is how I got it in the first place not eating right and other things. It was good work but hard on your body .So my question is how to help myself more with these kidney problems can any one out there help me find more info on that subject of CKD. Like I said I am at leveal 4 right not. Please drop

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