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Sweet Rick
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Hi, in the past year or so my feet has been burning, especially at night. I keep them uncovered and seems to help a little. What can I do to stop the burning? My feet and toes are kind of numb too. Thank you very much.

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AuntieBear 2010-06-21 02:44:58 -0500 Report

First of all, talk to your doctor about seeing a podiatrist who specializes in diabetic foot care. They know about this stuff and have ways to help you.

Secondly, massage the tootsies. The massages relax the feet and improve circulation. Massage also helps me notice any changes in my feet which is an important part of diabetic foot care.

Finally, check your shoes. If your shoes are not the type that is best for your feet, you can experience a great deal of burning and discomfort.

kdroberts 2010-06-20 09:35:58 -0500 Report

You need to see a doctor. What you are experiencing will only get worse if not addressed and is the first step down a path that eventually leads to amputation. Controlling your blood sugar is essential and will help a lot.

GabbyPA 2010-06-20 11:17:31 -0500 Report

I have expressed to my doctor these symptoms as well, but he doesn't do anything for me. I know that when my levels are high, it is more painful and that is a great motivation to keep better control. I find that heel balm helps to calm them down at night.

kdroberts 2010-06-20 11:53:32 -0500 Report

Maybe look into alpha lipoic acid. Lots of people say it does a lot for mild to medium neuropathy. There are some safety issues around it regarding other drugs and conditions so that's the main reason to check into it.

GabbyPA 2010-06-20 12:00:29 -0500 Report

I will have to check that out. Mine has gotten much better since my levels are lower, but it is still a bother. Exercise also helps it a lot, as it seems to create better circulation and maybe less damage. I know when I get lazy and don't exercise, I also will have more issue with my feet.

MAYS 2010-06-19 16:08:58 -0500 Report

You are experiencing the effects of Neuropathy, which is nerve damage.
Neuropathy can be very serious because it can affect every organ in your body:


Many have various recommendations for the relief of the pain, and I am sure that you will get many helpful responses, my recommendation is talk to your doctor,
ask for an appointment to see a specialist, maybe they will prescribe something for you.

This video may interest you:



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