My Eyes, My Feet

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I know from being a nurse back in the 70's to the 90's that diadetics are prone to suffering with ailments of the feet and the eyes. Back in 2002 I was in my closet and I lookedup I had a momentary episode of dizziness. I grabbed hold of the shelf to stop myself from falling and accidentially pulled one of my husbands antique shot guns down off the shelf. It fell right across the top of my right foot.
At this time I had no signs of dibetes and did not give that one moment of thought. I broke my little toe in two places and these healed with time, but I was plagued with constant pain across the top of my foot. After seeing the Orthopaedic Surgeon for numerous visits he said he thought that I might have a Morton's Neuroma. He planned surgery to correct this. He told my husband when I came out of surgery that he did not see any sign of a Neuroma so he just closed up the incision and sent me home.
I hobbled around on crutches or with a cane for two or three months without any real relief. Because of the lack of improvement the doctor decided to go in again and make his incision longer. Sure enough when he did he found the area that had nerve damage and ended up removing the whole nerve from between the second & third toe on the right foot. Even today almost eight years later I am still bothered with some discomfort. What I am concerned about is that now I have been diagnosed as a type two diabetic what should I be on the lookout for especially since I don't have a nerve between two of my toes? Funny thing is though that I can still feel things. Especially when I drop the lightest object like a teaspoon or if I stub my toe, it hurts nearly as badly as it did back in 2002.

My eyes. Again I am aware that as a diabetic I stand the chance of vision problems. I believe that some of these such problems have already started and did so several years prior to becoming a diabetic. I was fast approaching fifty when I started to wear corrective lenses. It was during one of these dizzy spells that only last about thirty seconds that I had to pull off the highway and let my husband take over the driving. On the sides of the highway I was seeing the shoulder, a pair of white or yellow lines then some more shoulder then the white edging line. Along with that, my lanes were all running into each other and getting narrower and narrower as we drove down the highway. When we were on a two lane highway vehicles in the distance appearred as two, and vehicles I was following had two license plates. I have been to my regular eye doctor, who, after about a year & a half of telling him the same thing each time I saw him, referred me to a neuro-ophthalmologist. Who I had to rush to get to her office anytime this cross eyd condition maniifested itself so she could see what was happening. I don't recall what she called it but it still happens and the most frightening part is when the distance traffic is an 18 wheeler that appears as two trucks coming at you.
I have since been back to my regular eye doctor and this time he referred me to a retinal specialist as they have seen what they think might be a sloughing of the tissue from the back of my left retina.

I believe that about covers My Eyes, My Feet. Unless there is a member out there somewhere that can tell me what else could go wrong or if there is something I should be on the look out for. If anyone has had similar problems I feel for you, but you are my best link to finding out what else could be wrong or go wrong since the diabetes set up residence in my body. All responses are very welcome, & I thank you in advance for your input.

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Hello there! I was found to have what is called Osteomilitis of my left foot (infection of the bone). None of us could figure out how I got it either. I check my feet each and every night. i use Eucerin lotion (with socks over it for a while) to keep my feet from getting dry and cracked. There's no nerve damage, I feel everything fine, and yet I developed that serious infection. I was on Pic Line treatments EVERY DAY (including holidays) for over 4 months with crutches, air boot & casts (keep me from walking). They saved my foot but now have permanent & persistant swelling in my foot & leg. All in all here is this: check your feet each night, prevent dry & cracked skin on feet. Try not to walk bare foot for any reason unless you absolutely have to. Report to your doctor any sores or questionable areas. Getting BG down to a minimum and controlled as best as you can is the ultimate goal here as well. Try to hang in there and best of luck to you.

Harlen 2010-06-19 09:22:06 -0500 Report

Are your blood sugars good now ???
Are you eating right????
this will help you a lot I know a lot of diabetics that do not have prob with side afects of diabetis they take care of it thats why I work so hard to keep my # in the good
there is a lot that can go rong if you dont take care of it .
I hope your feeling better soon
Best wishes

MAYS 2010-06-19 04:56:53 -0500 Report

Good Morning.

The possible complications associated with diabetes are numerous and can range from painless, to severe, to life threatening.

Fortunately, we can either prevent or delay them with proper glucose control and management, remember that diabetes acts silently at first, by the time the signs of diabetes appears, damage has been done, most of it unrepairable, but containable.

In my personal opinion, the most serious complication of all is Neuropathy, (nerve damage) because it can affect EVERY organ and bodily function with no signs or symptoms of damage such as pain, until it's major, unless it's detected early by medical test and examination.

These video links relating to some of these complications may interest you:

This link pertains to Neuropathy in general and goes into greater detail text wise:

Knowledge is Power, once you know, it's all up to you,
I hope that I haven't distressed or bored you, but rather peaked both your interest and awareness of diabetes and it's possible complications if left uncontrolled.