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Hello everyone me with all the websites. Here is one you might like also, I myself am on 9 different meds for different issues. This site is free, you enter your med info and it tells you the things that are bad about it, and side effects from it.
iGuard.org - Get Informed: How safe is that drug?
More than 2,252,000 registered users have used iGuard to monitor the safety of their medications. Simply look up any medication to learn about: …

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runthe 2010-06-17 06:54:09 -0500 Report

I am also on iguard they tells you about your meds and any warning that may come up while taking your meds. Also they tells you about what meds you are taking being recall. check it out

monkeymama 2010-06-16 22:14:47 -0500 Report

I will have to look into doing this and passing this info on to my fellow class mates in nursing school. Wow!!! Thank you…