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For Richard and anyone else curious how the conversion backward, from synthetic to pork insulin is going. It's not too bad!

My head is still feeling much sharper than it has in years. I always tell people I feel like I'm in a fog, and that lifted within a day of making the switch. I had the same, but much more dramatic change, when I quit both the Lantus and Levemir I'd tried a few years ago.

A lot of my fatigue is gone too. I'm still constantly tired, but I can get through the whole day now in respectable form instead of collapsing at 3 or so and shutting down even though I was still getting the kids fed, cleaned up and to bed.

The most noticable change is that I can actually feel when my sugar levels are moving. The lows are tricky, but I break a sweat and feel woosy even going from 180 to 150.

And the very best part? Instead of bouncing around like a yo-yo all day on my Humalog, I actually STAY at whatever sugar level I'm at for at least a few hours. I think a lot of my fatigue was from the constant bouncing up and down.

I'm still running high, but I used to hit 360 or higher on a daily basi,s and in the past week my highs are 200 or lower, which is unheard of. I've also moved my in-range sugars from 25% of the time to 45-60% of the time each day.

I've been making an evening habit of downloading my CGM results to figure out where to adjust my basal and bolus rates, and I think I just about have them perfect now. Some things you just can't program for in life, and so I can live with the short-term highs and low brushes. But at least when I test at 120 at 8 AM, I can expect to be within 20 points of there at 10, versus 150!

No matter what I did on the Humalog, I could NOT get my sugars to stay down overnight. I'd go to bed at 100 and between 2-4 AM I'd start going up. By 7 AM I'd be back up at 300. Adjusting the Humalog basal would make me too low and was just scary to work with. One night I'd go high, the next I'd need a snack at 4 AM. Now I go to bed at 120 and wake up within 60 points of that, usually less. It's so refreshing to wake up in range each morning, instead of running so, so high!

So, most folks are fine with synthetic. But I really believe there is a percentage of us it does not work well for. It is not of course a perfect cure. It has to be worked with just as any insulin dosage does. But finally when I do an adjustment, the reaction is a logical one and not erratic.

The Insulin Dependant Diabetes Trust in England recognized this years ago and has campaigned successfully to keep the animal insulins available. I for one am grateful to them!


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jamasterj 2013-09-20 13:08:24 -0500 Report

Hi Lisa, just wondering how you made the switch from fast acting insulin to pork insulin. I managed to order some from Costco as well (I'm currently on NovoRapid) and am wondering how I should make the switch. I'm still waiting to hear back from my doctor, but am adamant to try pork insulin. For the number of years, I have been sleeping 10hrs at night with a nap in the afternoons.

I have also found that I have gained a significant amount of weight (20lbs) that I have not been able to lose, despite eating a very healthy vegan diet that consists of 80% raw vegetables, 10% seeds and nuts and oils, and 10% grains such as quinoa or wild rice. I find that when I eat grains or foods high in carbs, I instantly feel tired and have a headache. I avoid all fruits except berries because I can't handle the spike in my blood sugar.

Anyway, given all of this, I think I should have no problem losing weight, but it has stayed with me. Did you notice a change in how you felt when you ate foods and/or notice any weight loss?