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Hi all…I have come to consider you all my friends here in the past year since being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. You got me through the scary times especially my first low blood sugar situation. Now I have a question that I can only ask those who have what I have as far as having diabetes.

In the past year I have noticed an odor, it is not body odor as such and I swear I smell it even IN the shower. I cannot describe it, it is not sweet, not stinky but something acidic maybe though I don't really know what to call it.

Does this sound at all familiar to anyone? Could it be from the Metformin or something else? I have actually been able to go off two meds since last year so am only on my Metformin and BP med.

I am paranoid about this and swear I can smell it when I void my bladder or as I mentioned shower and when I do sweat which is rare…it is not regular body odor. I have tried not using Mrs Dash which I use a lot of thinking it is a spice but that did nothing to help. I drink only spring water and don't have anything left to cut out of my diet in the way of flavorings or anything.

Does anyone have an idea on what is going on? I have no insurance so have no doctor to talk to about this and he thought I was nuts when I thought I had diabetes so somehow I don't think he would get this…

You all don't judge and are kind…I use soap and water and am squeaky clean so what do I do other than live alone in the mountains now

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