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My morning numbers are climbing higher each morning. This morning it was 171 & yesterday it was 145. What can I to do about this. I know to drink plenty of water. But other than that what should I do for this problem?

Thank You

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Emma2412 2010-06-12 20:39:17 -0500 Report

Hi, JoAnna
What are your readings before you go to bed? Is it a big difference between the night before and the next morning? When do you take your meds? I would mention this the next time you see your doctor, just in case he/she feels your meds should be changed or moved to a different time of day.
As for myself, that's something that's happened to me and really is still happening; i.e., having a higher reading in the morning than I would expect, especially since I rarely, if ever, snack at night.
But as my readings have gone lower and lower generally, however, my morning readings are also much lower now. So, perhaps yours will also follow suit the better they get.
There are times when diabetes just doesn't make any sense, but don't let it get to you. But mention it to your doctor if it really bothers you.

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