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And thought maybe some of you would also.. Would like to know your thoughts…

What most of us have been lead to believe is just not true.

Conventional medicine would have you believe that lowering your blood sugar is the be-all, end-all solution to type 2 diabetes.

But what if that is a mistake that misses the REAL underlying trigger of not just what causes type 2 diabetes, but all major age-related illnesses?

You see, elevated blood sugar is just a SYMPTOM of underlying metabolic, physiologic, and biochemical processes that are out of balance.

THE REAL Underlying Cause…

Lowering blood sugar with medications does NOT address the underlying triggers that give rise to the high blood sugar in the first place.

This may surprise you, but many of the methods used to lower blood sugar such as insulin or oral hypoglycemic drugs actually make the problem WORSE. This happens because these methods actually increase the levels of another substance in your body that is the true trigger of the misery that over 125 million Americans suffer from.

This substance is the single most important trigger that leads to rapid and premature aging and all its resultant diseases, including heart disease, stroke, dementia, and cancer.

But when you shift your focus from trying to manage blood sugar, as millions unfortunately incorrectly do now, to fixing the underlying problems that cause excessive levels of this particularly deadly trigger, remarkable things can occur, such as:


Weight loss, particularly around the belly…


Improved energy…


Better mental clarity…


More stable, enjoyable mood…


Better memory…


Reduced joint pain…


Improvement in blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c…


Lower blood pressure and cholesterol…

How to Get this Poisonous Trigger Under Control

Mark Hyman, M.D., a leader in the emerging field of functional medicine who has been featured on 60 minutes before, is holding a special webinar in which he'll reveal exactly how this poisonous trigger can be brought under control with a special 7-step process.

In this ground breaking webinar, you'll discover:


Why blood sugar is NOT the real problem…


Why type 2 diabetes is NOT genetic and IS reversible…


How to lower your risk of heart disease and dementia…


Why these "bugs" inside you may be part of the problem…


The 7 underlying causes that must be fixed…

Space is limited to only 500, so please secure your spot now to discover what the REAL underlying cause of type 2 diabetes is.

Once you deal with this true underlying cause, you can free yourself to return to the happy, active, normal, hassle-free life that you once enjoyed.

Please secure your spot now before all of the slots are taken.



P.S. This webinar will introduce you to a powerful new way of thinking about your health. You will realize that what you've come to know as a "normal" life full of illness, pain, frustration and just managing symptoms is NOT normal.

You have a choice and there IS hope for every single one of you reading this. The key is to deal with the underlying biological reasons of why you may be sick, fat, tired, depressed or suffering from any other health problem.

This new approach that you will be introduced to is the medicine of the future, but Dr. Hyman will make it available to you today.

Please your spot now on this webinar now.

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