Trying to get a handle on what this all means.

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I was diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes back in May. I was hospitalized due to complications with my asthma. Then, a radical therapy with high doses of interveinios steroids brought me to this…so they thought. The first bs level they took was right at 400. Surprise to all of us. Insulin began immediately while in the hospital. We did and still do 4 levels a day, and I promise I am injecting 4 times a day, as well. Originally, I kept hope that once the treatments had completed and the steroids were close to out of my system, I would go back to normal. Well, as of yesterday, looks like all that hope is gone. I had to go to the lab and have a fasting bl test and another test, that I can not remember the name. We (my doctor & me) were hopeful that the test I can't remember would come in under a 6.0. However, I had to do it up big and came in at 9.9. Let's just say, My Dr.called and said we had no hope of stopping the insulin. My fasting BS level was 259. The test was taken at 7:30am and I had not had anything since 9:00pm the night previous. I quit everything..smoking, sugar, most caffiene…I am walking atleast a mile a night, and have lost 22 lbs since May 18th. My BS is staying all over the place. I don't meet with my new endoc. until June 30th. I am using a sliding scale for Novolog. I am trying to stay positive, but..hearing the words yesterday, knowing that this is now a whole life commitment…and it truly is not bad on so many levels, but why is it hitting me so hard right now? Why do I feel so depressed? If like now, I focus on all of this, the stupid tears start all over again! It's frustrating! I'm sorry, I sat here reading all of your postings this morning and thought…"Now here are some ppl I might actually be able to relate to." I am thankful I received the information about this site.

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Depression is a natural reaction.
A long healthy, positive life is within reach because YOU are in control of your health, both physically and mentally.
The emotional ups and downs come with the territory. When necessary, communicate with someone, drop me (and many others here) a message if you need to chat.
You are doing GREAT, don't stop or give up now.


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