I need your guys help please!

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I know that I don't have the right to ask because it's been to long sence I've been on the site. But I could need your help. See I don't think that I realy don't think that I realy have fibromyalgia I have talk to others and it don't sound like what they have. I don't have pain in my joints and and 18 of them. And I have a big knott in the middle of my upper part of my arm and I have nervers twisted in my chest and my back shoulder and my arm is swallen. I wish I could seen you guys a picture of it my arm is large. I need help in finding a doctor in Calif. Around LongBeach Ca, LakeWood Ca, Downey Ca and most of all that will take Medical. I would have gone to the site of (Fibromyalgia) but the site is not safe at least I don't feel as though as it is. Thank so much and God bless you!

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