Kids and the stress they put us thrue lol

By Harlen Latest Reply 2010-06-16 06:37:07 -0500
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Hello all
As a lot of you know I have my grand baby Jaelyn living with me and I was done with all that kid stuff wow you forget how hard it is to take care of them and keep them safe.
She has benn with me for over 5 years now and I love her but the stress is verry high she is a needs kid MR,ADHA and other things I cant even sey lol.but I love her she is my best little frend even when I need to punish her witch I hate more then anything.She came to me the year befor DX wow that what stress lol
I wish to thank you the frends that have helped me thru all the Questions I had some where even DFQ's every one helped me.
School is out as of today hummm I wonder how the summer is going to go lol
I can give you one big tip the more stress your under the more you need to test you blood sugar.
Best wishes all

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Crazymommyof5 2010-06-16 06:37:07 -0500 Report

I would like to think lol that i have this mother thing down I was the oldest of 5 so I cant remember a time i didnt have to be mommy I also have a 13 year old son who is bipolar, adhd, and a whole lot of other things. I also have two girls 10 and 5..
as far as the stress it will always be there i am learning myself to try to just breath through it and go on…Notice i said trying lol
I have my son on medications which help and it has taken alot of patience.the best advice is to stay consistent with her let her know that you love her and what your rules are and dont be afraid to give punishments the worst for my son is to have to sit in a corner like we did as kids..he hates it a few times of it and he got my message..
I give my kids alot of art and crafts for the summer and i do a few with them to build confidence…as far as your diabetes just let her know if you dont take care of yourself you cant take care of her..
I finally have made my kids understand this and they have started helping around the house as well as working together on projects.
i hope this helps

monkeymama 2010-06-14 21:02:03 -0500 Report

LOL !!!! I am going through it right now with my three kids. I actually had to take the summer off this year from nursing school. My younger two have a potentially life threatening disease along with all of their other disease add medical issues. Than, you have my oldest has her personal medical issues. It is a strain and I am feeling it already. Hubby is a third shifter so its all on me. Grrr!!! Just try to hang in there. Keep her filled with activities and fun places to go with her. Maybe try one day trip each month to some place she may like. I am trying that, bike rides now that they are older (Ages 12,9 1/2, and 8), park & picnic, swimming, and lots more. We can do this, just watch your feet (if you are bare foot) and your BG.

Harlen 2010-06-14 22:40:33 -0500 Report

LOL I do I do lol
It just seams that the more I do the less she likes it .
I was going to send her to camp but they will not take her lol
My wife is a RN and I stey home and take care of the little love .
Shes 8 going on 3 going on 21 and just not a happy camper lol

gregsteele 2010-06-12 03:59:07 -0500 Report

Aint that the truth HARLEN as most of you know i have 3 kids youngest is 3 now other two are out of school my 9 yr old is ADHD and takes meds wow what a difference when he doesnt or i forget i also hate punishing them my 3 yr old was beaten by mama and that is how i came to have them punishing him is extremely hard as he is still acting out from the abuse if you lift an arm to quickly he holds his hands up to block his face it is very sad to see but enuff of me you got it right testing becomes so important when you get stressed love to all GREG

KitKatt93 2010-06-12 02:47:26 -0500 Report

Hello Harlen. That is great that you took her in and take care of her. You are going to be a busy man but you will have fun with her.


Harlen 2010-06-12 08:37:05 -0500 Report

Its not much fun lol
But I do love her and she is sweet
If I didnt take her in she would have gone to foster care
Best wishes

MAYS 2010-06-11 20:32:27 -0500 Report

A tip and a point well taken.
Harlen, enjoy your summer, make it a memorable one !

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