Wheat grass and the Diabetic

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I have been reading many articles on the benefits of wheat grass for those with both types of diabetes. I have had drinks that list wheat grass in it. Green Goodness by Bolthouse Farms is one, made mostly of kale and spinach and other greenery. It was amazingly good, However, I have come to find out that wheat grass must be ingested within 3 hours of juicing or it benefits are lost. I have never tried shots of wheat grass, I have seen them done in a local smoothie shop but am intrigued with what I have read so far. Has anyone tried a wheat grass regiment? I read some claim that they have had incredible results on other forums. http://www.juicing-for-health.com/health-bene...

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GabbyPA 2010-06-13 11:56:04 -0500 Report

Growing your own wheat grass is easy to do. You can go to most health food stores or sprout web sites and find ways to grow it so that you have it at it's freshest. I eat green foods, but I have not tried wheat grass.

bettymachete 2010-06-11 14:36:09 -0500 Report

I don't know if you have a place called Smoothie King up around those parts but down here I know every smoothie king shop I have been in has several pallets of wheat grass growing and when someone wants a shot, they harvest , wash then juice it. I think I may try some this weekend. If I think I can do it often I may try finding a kit. I know Whole Foods was selling a wheat grass home kit.

Thomas508 2010-06-11 13:09:47 -0500 Report

Interesting, but if it looses its benefits in 3 hours how do you get it? Were they jucing there at the smoothie shop? I'm guessing that's about the only way you could get it fresh if that's true. Wouldn't mind trying it if I found some place like that.

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