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So first rule of thumb. YMMV Your mile may vary, what works for you may not work for me. Diabetes is a very individual disease and we do a lot of tweaking to try and get the numbers right. No one can say do what I do and you'll have the same results, we can only tell you what works for us, you'll have to experiment to see if it works for you.

2nd one is eat to your meter. Experiment with different foods and test 2 hours later to see where you are numbers wise. I tested a lot the first couple months and now I test once a day normally and about once a week I test several times in the day unless I eat a carbier meal then normal and want to double check. For Me… when my meter reads low in the morning I might have a pancake or piece of French toast, if it’s higher then its eggs and sausage. This gives me some flexibility in food choices, I don't feel restricted this way.

3rd RELAX, it took awhile to get here and it'll take some time to get your diabetes under the control you want. As you become more comfortable with living with diabetes and its affects you'll fall into a routine and while diabetes will be in your thoughts daily its not necessarily going to be intrusive. I can be pretty OCD and if I can relax and go with the flow you can too.

4th a carb is a carb is a carb is a carb, and its all about carbs. Everyone here has their own daily carb budget that they follow to help keep their diabetes under control and you will eventually figure yours out. I aim for 135, some days its more and some days its less. Others have much less in their budget, and then there are things such as lactose intolerance or gluten allergies that really mess with a persons daily diet. Some things seem contradictory too, don't let it confuse you, keep experimenting, you will find your balance.

5th its not a diet, diets fail, this is a lifestyle. Its also not a race, its a marathon we are in it for the long haul. I used to tell folks new to recovery that its a process not an event and I think that works here to. The process involves learning everything you can about your disease, and everything you can about yourself and your body. Then you apply it to your life. Look up the Serenity Prayer.

6th rule of thumb, you'll make mistakes, we all do, that you made one is not as important as what you decide to do about it. Hopefully you will learn from it, pick up the pieces and move on, its not healthy to get stuck in the depression or feel like a failure. We don't fail here, we experiment So don't beat yourself up if things haven't gone the way you think they should, or you feel you made a mistake.

7th Be flexible, Life spins on a dime, if you are rigid this will break you, diabetes can change at a moments notice, what worked yesterday may not work today, there is no rhyme or reason to it, it might change for a reason you can figure out like a cold, or infection, or it might leave you clueless. my numbers will go wacky for no apparent reason. Sometimes you just have to blame the Travelocity gnome for messing with your numbers and let the stress of it go.

8th If you feel like screaming, kicking, flailing about… well do it… There are times that it just can be overwhelming. As long as you are not screaming at the kids and kicking the cat. Sometimes you just gotta get it out of your system and I've been told that this might count as a form of exercise.

9th Keep moving! When you stop moving they throw dirt on you. I don't exercise as much as I probably should but I'm moving all the time it seems. I park in the back of the lot, I use stairs not elevators, I have a dog, move wood for the woodstove. You'll find the level that suits you. Some people exercise after every meal, if I have trouble controlling my numbers I'll step it up a notch, its part of being flexible.

10th If it sounds to good to be true it probably is, there are a lot of Charlatans out there who are dreaming up cure the diabetic schemes to relieve you of your money. There is no cure, there is good management. That might include alternative choices such as herbs, vitamins, and other supplements that will help but the trick here is to do your research, know what you are doing, take control and don't rely on the schemers to have your best interest in mind.

11th ITS NOT YOUR FAULT! Don’t listen to anyone who implies that it is they do not have your best interests at heart. It’s also not a punishment!

12th DeNile ain’t just a river in Egypt……. You can ignore diabetes but it won’t ignore you.. It will come for you it can destroy you if you ignore it. What you have to do today to stay healthy is nothing in comparison to the price you will pay if you go on as if nothing has happened.

13th LIVE! LAUGH! BE MERRY! You can’t stop living your life because of this, If you do then you have given up more then the disease could have taken from you. No one or nothing can make you feel crappy about yourself without your permission, Don’t give d permission to take away your joy for life.

14th I get to eat fish! I like it and pre dx just didn’t have it at home very often as it meant cooking two meals but now I get to have fish anytime I want it. How cool is that?

15th I’ve lived with this for a little more then a year, I refer to it now as the little d its not so big anymore, I see it for what it is. diabetes is a coward and I refuse to give it more power over me then it deserves.

16th Its not cheating its a choice. why saddle yourself with guilt? if you want something that is a bit carbier, or something you consider a treat find a way to work it in to your daily carb budget. If I want a half of an english muffin then I won't have a bite of potato. If I want a peice of cake at a birthday party I eat it. I might have fish and a salad for dinner then. Its part of being flexible and having choices means that you're not going to feel deprived.

17th You are not alone. keep coming back to DC, once you figure out what works for you come back and share it, come to visit to learn and to teach, come to laugh and cry and scream and holler, this community lives and dies by its members and their contributions, its a family that you are now a part of.

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