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Does anybody have any advice on this drug? I found some expired pens of it in my fridge the other day, and could not remember what it was for. After some research, I remembered that my endo. had given it to me about 2 years ago for weight loss/ hunger control. Soon after she gave it to me, I became pregnant so I had to stop using it. That baby is now 17 months old! Anyway, just wondering if it has helped anyone lose weight/ cut down on insulin usage?

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kdroberts 2010-06-11 11:00:18 -0500 Report

From what I have read, it does help reduce the amount of insulin needed quite well. I just question it's use for some people because it's far easier to inject or dial up a couple of extra units of insulin than give yourself another shot! I guess if you are low on the hormone it replaces then it's probably a good thing, but I guess I don't really get the point of it in general.

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