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I have been making slow improvements with managing my diabetes, diet, and exercise. I am just now going back to my exercise routine gradually (because of a BAD knee injury). I started off Monday with a 30 min half mile bike ride, to a wonderful 1 1/2 hr. 3 mile bike ride. It felt WONDERFUL bike riding and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. I have been checking my BG faithfully ALL WEEK with the new changes and have had NOTHING over 200 but staying in the 140's - 160's. I even had a couple of BG with normal levels. I have been feeling more WOW feeling. I have had more energy to do things. I am just amazed and lost for words for everything I have been doing and feeling lately.
I have been doing A LOT of following of Jillian Michaels and Biggest Loser with a Spin off of the Special K Diet. I will begin my counseling to help me with my brick wall I must face. This last road block in my fight will help me cope with stress and using food as my out when I am upset. Learning I can not eat like a college student when I am in school. I was given this sheet for "Self-Management Behavior Goals" and began filling out these goals I wanted to accomplish. I set out to accomplish one goal at a time though. I made sure that they were realistic and achievable for me to make. I know I can do this… I Know I will do this…I want to do this…seeing is believing and having faith in yourself.
I have to ask myself when there are times I want to walk away from it all: Would I be helping MYSELF? Would I he helping my family? How can I be a nurse and take care of others, if I can not take care of me? It's been a BIG reality check for me. I also want to set and be a good role model for my dad. Who has just been recently diagnosed in the past few months as Type 2. He too has been doing wonderful as well. So I know it can be done… I can only wish and hope for the very best to all. We can do this!!!

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Fefe12 2015-03-06 02:34:49 -0600 Report

YOU, can do this. God bless! It's amazing that sometimes it's the little things that make the difference. My advise is to make sure you love the excercise you choose. It will be hard enough without trying to do something you dread doing. Best wishes to you.

GabbyPA 2010-06-13 13:13:41 -0500 Report

You are becoming our inspiration! Keep doing and sharing what works for you, we are so excited to see good news!

Harlen 2010-06-10 19:09:54 -0500 Report

Great work
keep it up
Its a life long job the better we do now is the better we will do later
Best wishes

Emma2412 2010-06-13 20:38:34 -0500 Report

Hey, Harlen
I was just reading some older discussions. I found this one which you responded to, by the way. I found it under Most Popular Discussions. It's called "The Cost of Denial" dated 8/13 posted by Bizz. Have a nice read, my friend.

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