Started Diabetes Education Classes Again

By ccritch Latest Reply 2010-06-12 10:35:56 -0500
Started 2010-06-09 15:43:25 -0500

So I needed a refresher since the last education class I attended was in 2001. I have forgotten or chose to forget about what I learned since no one seemed to care and neither did I back then. But now I know better and need to refresh my memory and my life! So I learned today that by 2028 that 50 million people will be diagnosed with Diabetes. That Diabetes Type 2 is no longer considered a Adult onset it is now anyone since so many young childrend and teens are being diagnosed every day. Not to mention that there is no such thing as pre-diabeties or border line diabetes there is no such thing I learned today. I hear so many people say they are border line, The doctors need to be specific about what they say to their patients if you are a diabetic and are new to it then say you are at the beginning stages of diabetes or you have diabetes and we need to start a regimen and care immediately. What do you think?

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monkeymama 2010-06-12 10:35:56 -0500 Report

That is great to hear about getting a refresher. We all from time to time need a refresher in diabetic education. Things change and we all change. I do agree with you, I have always been told you either are a diabetic or you are not! Doctors need to be more involved with their patents then what they are at times. That includes not ditching and blowing off someone who has state aid insurance. It is time for change for ALL!!!

bettymachete 2010-06-12 05:58:08 -0500 Report

It's good to refresh ourselves on everything we've learned. Just as my kids get older and they need help with homework, I found that taking refresher Math courses a big help in my ability to help them. I hear that too, more and more people I know are told they are borderline diabetic. Why is this? I have a good friend who is a doctor and his thoughts on this are "borderline diabetes? are you kidding me? that's like borderline pregnant!!! either you have it or you don't. " I was told I was borderline for years but not given any instruction. As Mays said, the world is constantly changing and we are leading more and more sedentary lives. Educating seems to be the key.

MAYS 2010-06-12 05:05:27 -0500 Report

The world, (as we know it), changes as time moves forward, refresher courses in life are necessary to stay up to date, a much needed discussion for many.

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