To the two scareds

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I was told about my new little friend last sept and for a while like yourselves I was afraid but after the shock wore off and I found that I didnt have to wear incontance underwear,by the way is the way I found out . life gose on and if you're careful you can eat and drink anything you want I love chocolate I find the stronger the chocolate is the less it takes to satify me as Im writting this Im eating a pice of candy now its 86% I keep and eye on my levels and have a good laugh everday drink plenty of water and as I tell friends one day I'll be hopping down the street with long floppy ears and a fluffy tale . Look the worst is over if you care for yourself eat right get enough sleep and in a few months you'll take your levels take your meds and look back and wonder what all the drama was about

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petals 2010-06-08 19:02:07 -0500 Report

Hello Hoppy friend, good advice!! I think you have a good out look on this and on life too! Get on here and talk away, Hoppy trails to you!!

RAYT721 2010-06-08 18:31:33 -0500 Report

I'm with you on the laughs. It sounds like you've got a good attitude and that's so important. I give you thumbs up for the advice on drinking water, getting sleep, and focusing on what you can have rather than what you can't. When I have a taste for chocolate (rare) I will have a sugar free chocolate syrup sundae with caramel frozen yogurt or a chocolate Atkins bar or even a mini piece of the real stuff. I haven't found an issue when I use moderation and count the carbs whether it's a potato, cookie, or vegetable. I've found more freedom when I've gotten over the initial shock of what I shouldn't have and found "swaps" for what I can have. So, my little rabbit friend… feel free to HOP on here anytime and share the positive attitude, motivation and smiles with us.

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