the good and the bad

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I don't believe that everything happens for a reason but I do believe that God has things work out so that we can cross paths to help eachother out, learn and grow.
I don't believe that me nor anyone here deserved to geat diabetes but I do believe that something good comes from situations.
From my sister getting sick I have and will grow and learn alot more and I have learned who my true friends were and I have met amazing people here. And I have become more responsible.
That's the good that I have found that came from my sister being diabetic. What good have you found?

Struggles too? I have a struggle taking care of my sister and having a life. I struggle to find the right foods for her sometimes and when I should give her extra insulin and sometmes I am afraid to put her down for bed that she will have a seizure or go into a coma.
What's your struggles or worries about diabetes?

That's the good I have found and the struggles I have while taking care of Kylie. So if you care to share I was wondering what was everybody elses?


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Kim-islet transplant
Kim-islet transplant 2010-06-14 15:37:00 -0500 Report

Having been a T1 diabetic for over 30 yrs, it made me a very strong person. I had to rely on myself to manage and control the disease. My profession now is a manager, and managing diabetes all those years pretty much eliminates my stress at work - because I've learned what real stress is and how to manage it.

Diabetes has taught me not to stress over the little things. Life is too short to not be happy and enjoy our time here.

Getenitright 2010-06-11 23:58:30 -0500 Report

Hi Katt,
When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I am a T2, I thought my life was over as I knew it. And I was right. No more living a very unhealthy lifestyle. I became an advocate for taking very special care of my body and it's needs. So I do my best to eat right and exercise. Those are things we should do whether we have diabetes or not. So, in spite of all the difficulties of having to live with diabetes, I have been given the opportunity to take care of myself and love my body in more ways than I could ever imagine. Taking the best care of myself is a daily struggle, worry, and a blessing.

KitKatt93 2010-06-12 02:30:46 -0500 Report

Hi, I agree with you. I mean we should all eat better and take better care of ourselves. My mom gives me her credit card sometimes so I can go shopping and it's hard to find healthy food that Kylie will eat but she is getting better and I am eating alot better. No more microwave, fast, greasy, fried food is in the house because I won't feed it to Kylie. I bet that living personally with diabetes is a struggle…and a blessing, I like your way of thinking. I would never think blessing but it's sometimes have to get worse before they get better.
Keep taking care of yourself and keep up the attitude.


diabetesfree 2010-06-11 14:49:11 -0500 Report

It's certainly made me pay much closer attention to my diet, although I really should have taken my high cholesterol as an earlier warning sign. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

Anonymous 2010-06-11 09:37:21 -0500 Report

Absolutely nothing good has happened because of this dx. Everything about it is bad. It has destroyed my like

Anonymous 2010-06-15 17:36:03 -0500 Report

I feel the same way. It has not only destroyed my life, but my children. On the days that I can barely get out of bed, they are made to do everything, take care of the baby, cook, and clean. I feel like they are losing their childhood to take care of me and that is really backwards. I just hope they don't resent me forever. This disease is crap and I don't find any good.

davidvermont 2010-06-10 15:27:24 -0500 Report

Reading thru this discussion has been very interesting. For anybody who may find themselves sinking into negativity, anger or self pity, I recommend reading a short book titled:
" Why Bad Things Happen To Good People." I can't remember the name of the author but it was very helpful to me during a difficult period in my life prior to being diagnosed with diabetes. I believe it was written by a Rabbi, so in part it looks at distress from a religous perspective.

KitKatt93 2010-06-12 02:23:33 -0500 Report

Hi David. I've heard of that book. The title by itself sounds like it is worth reading. It's a good question lately. I will look for it at the library.

Danni-the-diabetic 2010-06-15 13:58:25 -0500 Report

A few years ago, my Dr. recommended that book for me to read. I have to read it again. It was helpful and I highly recommend it.


Richard157 2010-06-10 13:31:48 -0500 Report

Katt, being diagnosed in 1945 when I was 6, made it very difficult for my family. The doctors knew so little about diabetes and had almost no information for us. Despite all the difficulties I had a wonderful life and was almost like a normal kid in most every way. Not every young type 1 is that lucky, but many are. It seems like many of us are resistant to complications and we live long, healthy lives. I hope Kylie is like that.

There is s study being done in Boston at the Joslin Diabetes Center. More than 600 type 1 diabetics having lived with their diabetes for 50 years or more, have been thoroughly examined. The goal is to have examined 750 volunteers from the US by April, 2011, when the study concludes. I participated on Dec 1, 2009. They hope to find the factors that have enabled so many type 1's in the US to live so long without any serious complications. If these factors are found then they hope to develop a treatment for younger and more recently diagnoses type 1's, like Kylie, so they can have long, healthy lives that are complication-free.

I agree with every item in Gabby's list, so I will not have to make a list of my own. Lol! Thanks Gabby! I may be type 1, but I did lose 30+ pounds in the 1990s trying to improve my A1c. Watch Kylie's weight. An overweight type 1 can develop insulin resistance, a symptom of type 2. That happened to me and I had to start taking a type 2 med in 1999, along with my insulin. I am a "double diabetic."

I am amazed at your writing ability, your perfect grammar, punctuation and spelling. I think you are still in high school? You must be a very good student, a teacher's joy! I taught math at a community college for many years and most of my students, straight out of high school, had terrible grammar and spelling. Many of them were not ready for college level English. They had to take pre-college level English first. You are exceptional! Do you plan to go to college? I hope you will.


KitKatt93 2010-06-11 13:53:19 -0500 Report

Hi Richard. You are an inspiration! You've had diabetes all these years and when they didn't know that much about diabetes either. Thankyou for sharing that, its an encouragement.

Thankyou. My grammar still needs alot of improvement. English lit and biology were my favorite classes this year, cool teachers make a difference though. I write in my spare time too and have a couple of writing books too, that's my secret ;) That and I have to stay on top of my grades and make A's and no more than 2 B's, no exceptions. My dad would always correct me when I spoke incorrectly, it got annoying so I learned fast how to speak correctly.
I'm going to go to college. I want to see if i can try taking some college classes in my second semester next year, but I'm not sure what I want to go to school for.


gregsteele 2010-06-10 07:25:32 -0500 Report

KATT i didnt think there was any good that could come from this disease then i found this place and realized how wrong i was the people here have given me a new outlook so i found some good and its just gotten better then i met you and feel like god has sent me an angel to watch over me but ill share with the rest of the community because even if you dont know it we need you as much and probably more than you need us love to all and a special hug for KATT GREG

Danni-the-diabetic 2010-06-09 20:40:26 -0500 Report

Hey Katt! Okay, well you asked for the good and the bad so I will give you both.
The bad:
The first thing my endocrinologist said to me when I was a 12 was, "diabetes suck!", after he said that I knew I would love this guy. It's a nuisance sometimes, but so is alot of stuff. Fortunately, it can be treated properly where it won't have to be such a nuisance or pain in the butt.
The good:
Having diabetes kept me from doing alot of things that I would've regretted. I have control over it; usually people don't have such a control over a part of their body like that, however I do - when something bad happens, I know its my fault. It gave me responsibility at a young age. And like many people here, I have met some of the coolest people.

Katt, you're sister will be fine, especially with a big sister like you. She too will have her own good and bad list, and with support like you, her good list will be long, like Gabby's.


KitKatt93 2010-06-09 23:19:42 -0500 Report

Hello Danni. I have met some cool people on here too that have been a great help. Thankyou, I hope Kylies has a great postitive outlook on life through her diabetes and I hope I can be a good encouragement.


KitKatt93 2010-06-08 20:57:03 -0500 Report

Hello everyone, I don't want anyone being mad asking what good can come from being a diabetic when Im not one. Its not my place, Im not a diabetic but I just want to know what everyone as a diabetic goes through good and bad. I want to know so I know what Kylie might go through when shes a little older.


Roy531 2010-06-08 21:07:52 -0500 Report

Katt, you are not making anybody mad. You are here trying to learn so you can pass it on to you sister when she gets old enough to understand. When you ask questions such as this you are trying to understand what makes all of us tick. Don't ever apologized for being curious, that's how you learn. If you don't ask you will never learn. So keep asking and we will continue to answer to the best of our ability.


GabbyPA 2010-06-07 15:45:00 -0500 Report

So much good has come from my being diabetic. I know it does sound weird, but it is very true.

Here is my list of great things I have grown in since being diagnosed with type 2
I have lost a lot of weight
I feel very strong inside, I have found a voice I did not have before
I have discovered the incredible way our body takes care of us
I have met some of the most wonderful and helpful people
I have gained discipline
I eat healthier and grow my own garden
I have been blessed with a job here
My relationship with my mom has grown stronger
I have learned that exercise is fun, not a chore
I have realized that diabetes is just a part of my life, not my whole life.

Thanks for reminding us Katt about how much good can come from something most perceive as bad.

Janice Gordon
Janice Gordon 2010-06-08 11:55:22 -0500 Report

Could you give me advice on how you started exercising. I really need some motivation…I am trap in this body and I'm loosing my energy, happiness, and the concerns of having a relationship with anybody.

GabbyPA 2010-06-08 22:46:20 -0500 Report

It is hard to start and to be honest, my husband is a great pusher…oh, I mean motivator in that area. LOL
Really, I started just doing 5 minutes a day of walking. I did that and added to it every few days. I had a pedometer and that was fun for a while to see how many steps I was walking and how many miles I did. It died, but I kept on. It kind of becomes a game to me. Now I am going to be starting aquasize classes that I have been wanting to do for a long time. I was hoping to start this month, but I have to wait until next month…money can be trouble.

But until then I also garden often. Pulling weeds is a surprisingly good exercise. Do something like dance while you vacuum or sing while you wash. There are all kinds of little ways to get moving and once you do, your body begins to want more.

Results will inspire you more as well. When your favorite jeans become too loose or you find that getting out of the recliner is not as hard as it was before. Those things make you want to keep it going.

KitKatt93 2010-06-08 20:55:02 -0500 Report

Hello Gabby. You found a lot of good and are positive. I bet you are a great inspiration and help to a lot of other people on here.


GabbyPA 2010-06-08 22:45:56 -0500 Report

Thank you Katt, but you are quite the inspiration here. You are a special soul that heaven sent down to watch over the helpless.

cindylt 2010-06-09 18:35:25 -0500 Report

Amen! Katt, if everyone on the planet had someone like you in their lives, we would all be living in peace… or pretty close anyhow… : )

cindylt 2010-06-09 18:34:33 -0500 Report

Gabby - I so agree. I have taken my diabetes diagnosis as a "blessing" to help me learn to take better care of myself. I have lost almost thirty pounds since April, I feel better, my outlook on myself has increased, I actually think I am looking better too. I have hidden behind my weight for so long that I was embarrassed to be photographed and to go out and get dressed up for anything. I am learning that I am beautiful and I am a nice person to be around. I have been really hard on myself. I have learned to listen better. I have learned to put myself first. I have learned to exercise and like it. I have learned patience with myself if it takes longer than it should. I have learned to love easier and not to be so hard on myself. This has been a wonderful thing for me… crazy but true. And like you, I have made some really wonderful friends that understand what I am going though and how I feel as well.

petals 2010-06-07 14:56:30 -0500 Report

I do believe that things happen for a reason and I also believe that God works everything out for the good of everyone. The good about being diabetic is that I am more in tune with my body and that I take better care of myself now, then when I did before I was diagnosed. Sometimes I still struggle with sweets, but there are so many sugarfree foods out there that doesn't happen as often now. My worries are about not doing enough to make sure that I will keep my sight,my limbs, and staying healthy.

KitKatt93 2010-06-08 20:47:37 -0500 Report

Hello Petals. I bet even because of the struggles with the sweets you are on the right track. And you wont ever have to worry about your sight, limbs or becoming unhealthy because I bet you have the motivation that will kick any butt.


Emma2412 2010-06-07 10:46:36 -0500 Report

I do believe that things happen for a reason (whether good or bad). I mean look at us all here. With the exception of you, Katt, we all have diabetes but we're here learning how to take care of ourselves, being candid with each other, expressing our frustrations and worries and learning how to handle them all. It's the way we handle it that really makes us or breaks us.

KitKatt93 2010-06-08 20:44:00 -0500 Report

Hello Emma. I feel in the bad saying what I said the way I said it. I know this is a place for diabetics and I feel bad that I cant offer to everyone what they offer to me. But it will either make us or break us just like a situation in the family can either bring you closer or further apart.


Roy531 2010-06-07 07:31:28 -0500 Report

Katt, you are correct in saying God does not have things happen to us, but when something does happen and we allow Him, He will use it for the good of us and others. Always questioning why it happened or trying to put the blame on someone or something else, that's just human nature. But things do work out for the good, having met a lot of people here so that I can learn more about how to better take care of myself and sharing with others what I have learned is one way God uses this for the good in our lives. Outside of here I have no one I could call a true friend except for Danni, I truely believe God has used this to bring us together as friends because we needed somebody we could trust, Love and care for. She has become a very good and true friend, even though we live 1100 miles apart we have become close. That is something very special that has happened because of my diabtese. Mays is a good friend and have learned a lot from him, he has so much knowledge about our problems. Sorry I'm rambling, I'll stop. Roy

KitKatt93 2010-06-08 20:40:30 -0500 Report

Hello Roy. Saying that I mean that he allows things happen to us too and he can make a positive out of anything that comes. Asking why is human nature but I get mad when I do so I try not to. Ive been asking "what now?" alot, like what do I do now.
So you have Danni, Mays and everybody on here because every one person counts, everyone makes a difference.


MAYS 2010-06-07 06:07:19 -0500 Report

Diabetes makes a person become more aware of themself and much more responsible unless that person likes to place the blame on others for their faults in life.
My greatest fear is just that, will I ever blame someone or something for my condition ?

If you do not stay pro-active, the negative thoughts will eventually become stronger, keep moving forward as a diabetic, even if it's at a snail's pace at times, it's still forward progress, it's better than no progress at all !


KitKatt93 2010-06-08 20:30:05 -0500 Report

Hello Mays. A little progress is better than no progress. Your right. And anybody can be proactive not just the people effected by it.

MAYS 2010-06-08 21:30:38 -0500 Report

Katt, sometimes the non diabetic caregiver receives more pain and frustration than the diabetic because they try to understand and can, but will never understand the aches, pains, emotional struggles and sometimes tiredness that the diabetic feels.
If you apologize for being curious, you will always apologize or stop asking questions, don't do either, continue asking, your questions will help you, us and most importantly your baby sister Kylie, you are what she isn't and cannot be at this time, her source of survival and knowledge, her caregiver, you are making tomorrow possible for her today !

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