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Well now! I'm a pretty happy camper today. I started my new diet/exercise journey this past Monday (May 31) and it is now just 6 days later.

Take a look at the progression of these blood sugar readings. Please keep in mind that I only had less than 10 strips for the first 4 days, so I tested sporadically. The (g) refers to carbohydrates.

Sunday May 30
1st reading ever on Dad's meter = 269
1st reading ever on My meter = 313

Monday May 31
3.5 hrs after 100g lunch = 414
1535 total calorie intake for the day

Tuesday June 1
Almost 3 hrs after 6 carb choice dinner (86-95g) = 285
1340 total calorie intake for the day

Wednesday June 2
No strips
1565 total calorie intake for the day

Thursday June 3
Fasting = 203 (about 12 hours fasting)
Almost 2 hrs after 55.6g lunch = 282
3 hrs after 59g dinner = 272
1187 total calorie intake for the day

Friday June 4
2 hrs after 60g lunch = 318
2 hrs after 33.6g snack = 262
2 hrs after 60g dinner = 206
1205 total calorie intake for the day

Saturday June 5
12 hr fast = 202
3.5 hrs after 31g breakfast = 212
2 hrs after 64g lunch = 256
3 hrs after 50g dinner = 242
1422 total calorie intake for the day

Sunday June 6
12 hr fast = 179
And that is with eating about a servicing of Rice a Roni chicken rice and a server of popcorn at just a bit before midnight because I was so hungry!

I drink only unsweet tea (sometimes with a lemon slice) and water. And I'm using sparkpeople to do and track my fitness.

And I lost about 3-4 lbs this week.
I have also noticed a few other differences:
a) I almost do not belch at all
b) The skin on my calves/shins are smoother - don't have those little bumps as noticeable.
c) My feet and ankles are hardly swollen anymore.
d) Have lots more pep in my step even though I still feel tired overall.

It took me 10-15 years to gain 90 or so lbs and hold steady like that … and to do this diabetic thing by doing a poor diet and drive a desk day and night - so I know it'll take a while for me to get my weight down and control my blood sugars.

You might be thinking that my total calorie intake for each day is a tad low, but they are easily half of what I was doing before starting this journey (same with the carbs) and I haven't really been hungry since I'm eating 3 meals and 1-2 snacks. Late last night was the exception.

However, I think for my first 6 days I have make great progress and things are looking very hopeful that just diet and exercise will calm those numbers down even further.

I'll take another analysis at the end of June.

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RAYT721 2010-06-06 17:42:43 -0500 Report

Journey is exactly what this road is for us. What a great attitude!!! It's good that you are aware that it's not an overnight thing. I think most people lose the motivation when they may not see steady weight loss or number drops. The reality is that the mind has a body of its own (or is it the body has a mind of it's own???) :) Slow and steady wins the race. Hang in there… keep us in the loop… and keep up the good work!!!

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