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after my discussion yesterday concerning the legality of sharing supplies ,i had a few replies and several messages some offering to share supplies anybody that would like to be apart of helping can repl or message me if you want to keep your name out of it we can either set it up to send to my p.o. box and i will ship them to members who need them or i can match people with someone who has their particular supplies ,remember supplies must have been recieved free for it to be legal to share lets see what we can do i dont mind being the contact THANKS love to all GREG

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Bertie569 2010-07-02 23:03:04 -0500 Report

Hi Greg,

I am one of those who are in need of assistance with supplies. I use Lantus pen and Humulog pen and testing supplies. I have a one touch ultra mini.

NCBarb 2010-06-06 11:17:18 -0500 Report

That's so nice of you to offer, Greg =)
With this economy and so many without health insurance, or adequate coverage, and with supplies for any health situation being so expensive, it would great help those in need if those with excess can share.

With that said, I wish I was in the position to help, but I'm one of those without health insurance or the extra budget to buy strips on my own. But I'm alright for now supply wise.

But I do hope this generosity will help those in desperate need of supplies so they can monitor their blood sugar levels.

gregsteele 2010-06-06 11:23:20 -0500 Report

NCBarb keep up with where this discussion goes i hope it will lead to us being able to help those in need i get just enough to take care of myself ea. mo. but my educator gives me some stuff now and then so keep up and if enough people that can will help maybe we can make some others lives easier if it starts working like i hope it will you let me know if you run short maybe by then well have something going have a great day love to all GREG

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