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Publix pharmacies now offer for free three prescription strengths of metformin, a generic form of Glucophage. Until now, Publix charged $21 a month for the maintenance drug. It's part of broader effort the grocer unveiled to help diabetics monitor and manage their lives with online educational resources, recipes, cooking classes and a monthly e-newsletter.

Publix Pharmacies is now offering diabetes medication free to customers with Type II diabetes.

The first phase of the new program was announced this week. At the core of the program is the free generic immediate-release metformin (500 mg, 850 mg or 1,000 mg) — the generic form of the drug Glucophage. Also included is a voucher for a free Publix brand glucose meter and enrollment into the Auto Refill program.

Auto Refill Program

In addition to receiving metformin for free, Publix Pharmacy customers will have all their maintenance medications enrolled into the Auto Refill program. This will ensure all prescriptions are refilled when due. A reminder call, to the telephone number on file, will be placed to customers when prescriptions are ready for pick-up.

An online library of diabetes-related content, including educational articles, interactive tools for risk assessments, quizzes, podcasts and videos will be available at the Publix website. Customers are also encouraged to sign-up and receive a monthly e-newsletter, which will contain additional diabetes-related articles, a featured recipe of the month and special offers from Publix and Publix Pharmacy.

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In addition to Free Meds at Publix's Eli-Lily has a Program for Insulin.

Medications are costly when diabetes is the condition treated. If there isn’t an insurance program helping out the patient, many times the patients will not get the treatment they deserve due to cost issues. These are ways that the uninsured can get their diabetes medications and insulin free.

Free Humalog Kwikpen

Made by Eli Lilly, the Humalog Kwikpen is a fast and convenient way to get insulin to be more portable. Diabetics have issues travelling with insulin due to it needing refrigeration. This takes care of that on a more portable basis. This program gives vouchers (one per patient per year) for a free five pack of 3ml pens. It is available in Humalog KwikPen, Humalog Mix 75/25, and Humalog Mix 50/50. Those that are used to syringes and vials are urged to download the coupon/voucher and try for themselves. Keep in mind that the voucher needs a special ID code, so for printing more than one copy remember to refresh the page so that the ID code changes. The link will go straight to the voucher page.
Free Actos

Takeda Pharmaceuticals puts out Actos, the only medication that is also for people with Type 1 diabetes as well as Type 2 diabetes. The medications that are available under this program are ACTOplus met®, ACTOS®, AMITIZA®, duetact®, and Rozerem™. The patients will have to show need and have a prescription for the medication from their doctor. You can get more information direct from Takeda’s Contact Information.

* Takeda Patient Assistance Program
* c/o SDS - PAP - TAK Customer Service
* PO Box 66552
* St. Louis, MO 63166
* 1-(800) 830-9159 (phone)
* 1-(800) 497-0928 (fax)

Lilly Cares Free Insulin

Read more at Suite101: Getting Free Diabetes Insulin and Meds: Do You Qualify for No-Cost Diabetic Supplies?