Peripheral Neuropathy

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I was dx with this before my official type II diagnosis. I have been tried on variety of drugs and have settled for nortriptyline and lyrica. With only minimal relief from the daily constant pain. Anything tight or rough increases the pain/burning. Hoping anyone can give me any suggestions. Last HgbA1c was 7.3 and started on metformin. I have been interested in the recent comments about vineger and cinnamin. Would appreciate any comments/suggestions'

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I read an article by David Mendosa who thought it was possible to reduce neuropathy by having tight control of your blood sugar. When diagnosed I didn’t have any problems with my feet. When my blood sugars dropped a lot my feet first felt cold. I couldn’t keep them warm. Then a few months later the stabbing pains started. It felt like someone was sticking a large needle in my feet. The pain would come and go but always returned to remind me that I took damage when my numbers were high. After several months the pain just about went away. I still get the pain once in a great while but now my feet just have his numb tingling feeling all the time. I have had my blood sugar under control for over a year now and I feel my feet are always getting better. I just have a ways to go.

There’s some research out there that some people say vinegar and cinnamon can help with blood sugar control. I put several ounces on my salad every day and drink what’s left over when I’m done. I tried cinnamon for several months and didn’t see any improvement. All I can say is try it and see what happens. Some people take the supplements. They may contain a higher dose of it.

I wrote how I control my blood sugar here. Click on the link below.

Good luck

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