Test Strips for a one touch ultrasmart meter

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hi everyone this is my first time on this site. here's my question at this time i have med. insurance but i am not working and i can not afford the co-pay for my strips…my endo. is about 75miles and a bridge toll away (awaiting new referal to dif. dr.) can't afford the gas to pick some up from there, and my reg. dr. doesn't have any samples any ideas on how i can get some?

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Diane987 2010-06-05 13:13:07 -0500 Report

Walmart sells a meter made by ReliOn that works pretty well. They also have strips and lancets very inexpensive for the ReliOn meter. For less than $50 you can get the meter, 50 strips and lancets. When I didn't have insurance I used this meter because it was cheaper to buy the meter and the strips than it was to buy strips for one of those name brand meters.

You might also want to check if your insurance company has a mail in pharmacy program. If they do you will get more supplies for less money and it will come in a timely manner so you don't have to worry about running out. Just make sure your doctor specifies how many times you are to test per day. That is the only way to get insurance to pay for additional strips.

Good luck and God Bless,

NCBarb 2010-06-05 11:27:21 -0500 Report

I got a free OneTouch Ultra Mini test kit. Came with the tester, the lancet trigger, some lancets, and 10 strips … which I used up right away in learning.

So, I went onto ebay and got a 50 pack of strips for $23 (including shipping) and they shipped in 2 days. I've also seen lancets on there. I found from shopping around that the strips average $1 a piece in the stores/pharmacies - so look through ebay and amazon.com.

I have no insurance, so everything is out of pocket for me … so I know the situation you are in. Best wishes!

~ Barbara

Harlen 2010-06-04 13:06:21 -0500 Report

Hello and welcome
Can you ask your endo to send you some thrue the mail?
As long as you have ins I dont know what els to sey .
Best wishes

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