Diet and Exercise June 2010

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Hello to a new Month. I thought that this Month I would just open up with some news on my weight, BP and Sugar levels plus my Pulse. I checked my weight, Blood Pressure and Pulse this morning and all was great I feel;
Here they are for all to see BP 127/78 P 89 and my sugar was 75 at 7:11 am. 97 at 1:08 pm and my weight is now at 252.2 pounds
While I was at Walmart's getting my Metformin filled for just $4 I found a product that the Pharmasist said that with Diabetes it was safe for me to take so here is the name of the product MEGTA-T GREEN TEA DIETARY SUPPLEMENT JUST $4 FOR A 15 DAY SUPPLY OR $8 FOR A MONTH. I got their $4 lists so as to save as much as I can on scripts and otc medications and other items for our health.
I have been on them since Sunday. I have to weight myself each Mon till we see how this product affects me the Doc says. Since I got sick last month with the runs for almost a week my sugars have been staying down for the most part. and with this MEGA-T product it is staying down even more I think.
Bingo and I walked thru Walmart this morning and got our walk in that way from front to back and end to end. We have a Super Walmart in our town so we did get some exercise.

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Edie 2010-06-12 05:26:22 -0500 Report

I went to the Doctor yesterday and according to their scale I am at 254 and according to mine I'm at 252.2 Since the last time I went to their office I have lost 10 pounds the Nurse said. I need to check my sugar and post it here shortly.

I need to call Tammy today and see what we can talk about. Hope to see more of you here this Month. It is getting really hot here. The humididy is in the 80's here and every thing is sticky. My fingers even stick to these keys. LOL

Edie 2010-06-05 13:58:18 -0500 Report

Hello Everyone I am doing Ok this week. The green tea cap. are helping me alot not to be hungry. I went over to my oldest Daughter Ann's house to help her with some of her house work to catch up. Tonight she said she would sort out the kids toy boxes and put alot in the Town's Community Yard Sale this month. Told her to keep them cheap for kids to be able to buy what they want.
I got my cleaning done yesterday and am now taking it easy this afternoon to stay cool. No central air this year again but that is ok just means I get to sweat the weight off quicker and then when I exercise each evening even more sweat moves it along. LOL
Drinking water like it is going out of style.

Edie 2010-06-02 06:03:05 -0500 Report

I will keep you and your friend in my prayers. God knows your friends name so I will just lift them and do you know if they are seeing any one at the Cancer Hosp. they do great work and know more than the avg. Doctor does on this kind of disease.
I got up this morning and my sugar is 76 at 6:41 not bad forgot to take my PM meds. Didn't forget my shot of Lantus though. So that is good.
Bill asked me what I was going to do Today when we talked at 5:30 to start our day, I am doing Laundry and changing the Front Room around to have both windows clear for cross ventilation and then if it is raining when I get up nothing is getting wet. LOL my Love seat was in front of the window the rain was coming in. Not good.
Mary has been looking for paper plate holders and hasn't found any up in Alaska well now she won't need to get any as I am sending her 10 that I have with a box of corn on the cob. It is so costly up there and she loves her corn on the 4 of July so mom is shipping it out this month as soon as I can.
Her Husband Bill now has a job full time. I hope it works out and he sticks with it. Her health can't take any more stress. Lets just put her on our Prayer Lists for repaired Good Health the Lord knows what is going on in her life at this time. Well this is it for now will talk more later. bye for now everyone.

spiritwalker 2010-06-01 15:36:01 -0500 Report

I will check into the tea my next trip to walmart. I haven't
been online much. I am trying to help a friend who recently
found out she has brain cancer and isn't doing well. June
opened here with a beautiful day. Its in the 70's.

Edie 2010-06-01 12:18:15 -0500 Report

Next month I will post an updated pic of me for you to see how I am starting to look now.