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I know I've mentioned it a few times here and there in other replies to other discussions I've participated in, but I wanted to start this thread so that more people will get to see it, hopefully. It's an important topic.
I was in a store one day, talking to somebody who mentioned that her Dad was diabetic. During the conversation, I mentioned that my feet were bothering me that day, that I had the "pins and needles" feeling.
She was familiar with that feeling because of her Dad, but she told me that her Dad had been taking something called Oil of Evening Primrose (a dietary supplement) for quite awhile and didn't have those feelings anymore.
I was impressed and said so. She said if I wanted to take it, that I should take 4,000 mgs. daily (not 1,000 mgs. which is the serving size on the container).
Since then, I have used this product and am very happy to say that I don't have the "pins and needles" effect any more.
And while I wish I could tell you why this is the case, I can't because I don't know. I'm just happy that it is.

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