Just Got Insulin Pump...Advice?

By BeckyJ Latest Reply 2010-05-28 18:08:01 -0500
Started 2010-05-27 21:31:52 -0500

Well I finally got approved for the insulin pump and they put it on Tuesday. So far so good with the BG's. My only problem is that I am a very restless sleeper and having trouble with arranging the pump comfortably for bed. For now I am following the nurses advice and wearing a sports bra and clipping the pump inside. This however is NOT comfortable and I was wondering if anyone had some ideas on a better way to arrange the pump to sleep. Thankfully the pump is small, I have the Paradigm Real-Time Revel MiniMed and it only measures about 4in long by 3in wide. The first night I tried clipping it to my pj bottoms but it quickly came loose and I was afraid it was going to fall off the bed! I start out sleeping on my side but most nights I end up all over the place even goin so far as to completely turn upside down. I once kicked my boyfriend in the nose…not sure how that happened truly…lol. Any advice on a comfortable SECURE way to wear this thing would be greatly appreciated.

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monkeymama 2010-05-28 18:08:01 -0500 Report

Hello there Becky! My name is Becca and I might be able to help you solve this. Here is a couple of web sites you might like to help you with sleeping with your pump at night. www.pumpwear.com www.angelbear.com otherwise you can put "pump cases" into the search engine and see if this will help you out. I have been using one at night and LOVE IT. You can use these cases for more than just sleeping too. They are worth every bit on investment.

Elrond 2010-05-27 23:06:24 -0500 Report

I've only had my pump a short time and I had a similar problem. I move around a lot in my sleep. I finally parted with some cash and purchased a nice thingie from amazon.com. It's an elastic velcro belt that holds the pump close to my body. It has a pocket with a velcro flap and the pocket can be turned to any place that's comfortable. If I'm lying on my right side, I put the pump on the left. If I decide to turn over, I simply turn the belt. If I'm lying face-down, I put the pump in the middle of my back. It does require waking a little before turning but it's a small sacrifice for such good sugar control. If your interested, search Amazon for insulin pump accessories. (I can't remember the name or the company)

Elrond 2010-05-27 23:09:57 -0500 Report

OK, I logged off and looked at Amazon. It's called a Waist-It and the price is $22.95 plus shipping.

Harlen 2010-05-27 22:39:48 -0500 Report

Why yes I do lol
I had my wife make a pocket with a snap to keep it closed
It has two strings one goas arownd my thigh the other my waset and this keeps it put lol
If you would like the pattern let me know and I will send it to you
Best wishes

BeckyJ 2010-05-27 22:50:20 -0500 Report

Thanks Harlan. I saw some special clothes available on the web but was wondering if they are really worth the money or if there was a way to modify something of my own. I would love the pattern you're talkin about. Tonight will probably sleep on the couch to avoid too much movin around. Gotta check BG at 3am so can't take anything to knock me out and keep me still…lol.

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