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anyone have good ideas about a healty meal plan…i find myself wondering to the bad stuff sometimes. help :)

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monkeymama 2010-05-28 18:34:41 -0500 Report

I am following a spin off of the Special K diet. Here is what I am doing that seems to be working for me (I change things on the weekends and snacks to keep it fun and enjoyable)
Sunday & Saturday:
Sensible low carb meals
Monday - Friday:
Breakfast - 3/4 cup Special K Plus Protein with 1/2 Healthy Balance Skim Milk (or a Special K Cereal Bar), 6 oz. Yoplait Light Yogurt, and 16oz, Bottled Vitamin Water
Lunch - Protein Meal bar or Protein Shake or Light Salad with 16oz. Bottled Water
Dinner - Sensible Low Carb Meal
all of my snacks are things like; cheese nibbles, Special K Crackers (17pc), SF Jello, Veggies & dip, and more. I use a divided toddler plate to help control my portions and follow the plate rule (half plate veggies, 1/4 starch, and 1/4 protein. Fruit is placed on the side). Once or twice a month i allow myself 1 special snack but it can not be any bigger than 40g and MUST be carbed into my insulin pump. Has Ray said though, everyone is going to do things differently. I created a personal list of things I like and can eat. I use recipes from here and my diabetic cookbooks to also help me. I am also utilizing two books to help me: Calorie King and Nutrition in the Fastlane. I hope this helps you out. Best of wishes to you.

Emma2412 2010-05-28 15:16:47 -0500 Report

Hi, Liz
I figure this way. If I know I shouldn't have something to eat because it'll raise my blood sugars too much, then I don't even buy whatever it is.
If you have a family, then start teaching them to eat and snack healthy, too. Your children have to learn how to take care of themselves so they don't develop diabetes. So, the sooner they start eating right, the better for them and you. If there's a healthy snack in the house, at least you've got something that won't throw you into a tailspin from a blood sugar standpoint.
As far as a meal plan is concerned, just one website that you can look at is on There are tons of others, though, on the Internet that you can investigate. You can also look at the Mayo Clinic site where they have tons and tons of diabetic recipes.
There's lots of information out there. Just type what you're looking for into your browser and take it from there.

liz1986 2010-05-27 21:42:16 -0500 Report

thanks! that actually sounds like a good plan…not really a picky eater. i'll have to try something like that out :)

RAYT721 2010-05-27 21:32:34 -0500 Report

Your question is brought up a lot. Check out the "search" box for archived discussions for even more advice and opinions. I recently had a co worker asking for a meal plan and with each suggestion she told me she hated that… and that… and that. It's hard to help others without knowing their likes and dislikes.

My meal plan is pretty basic…

Morning: yogurt (Light & Fit 80 cal / 15 carb) and/or an Atkins protein bar (2-3 g carb)

Snack: nuts or sugar free pudding or around 100 calories of something

Lunch: Quite often leftovers from the night before or maybe something cheap and easy like a Wendy's side salad ($1 menu) and some lean meat on the side (leftovers) or ???. I brown bag from home most of the time.

Snack: low fat cheese or another yogurt or something around 100 calories

Dinner: fish or other protein, small portion of rice or potatoes or grains, and quite bit of veggies

Night Snack: fruit or nuts or Sun chips (tm) or hard boiled egg or whatever strikes me.

Yes I do eat six times a day but I don't overdo the calories or fat or carbs. I try to keep things healthy. I drink alot of water. I exercise. Menu planning doesn't have to be a chore or punishment. You can have what you like but use healthier ingredients and less preservatives. My meal plan may be boring but I continue to add new things to do as I find things that work for me. I wanted a Cinnabon bun so badly one day and found that Jello makes a sugar free cinnamon pudding. YAY. I wanted a hot fudge sundae one night … sugar free chocolate syrup over frozen yogurt. You don't have to go without anything so long as you substitute common sense … take baby steps! I'm 20 pounds lighter than in January and looking at going from being ab normal to having normal abs.

Surely if you ask 10 people for a menu plan you'll get 10 answers.

petals 2010-05-28 06:53:18 -0500 Report

Ray , thanks for sharing you meal plan with us.

RAYT721 2010-05-28 20:50:15 -0500 Report

For the most part I probably eat 150 calories in the morning, another 100 for a snack around 10:00, 300-500 calories for lunch (12:15), another 100 around 3:00, 500 or so calories for dinner (6:00 pm), and another 100 or so in the evening around 8:30 or so. I don't obsess about calories, fat, carbs or anything but I limit my portion sizes and just eat more often. Wife and I just bought some new low carb mixes to try (pancake mix, cheese cake mix, and cinnamon bun mix), some fat free and sugar free pancake syrup, more Atkins bars, some nuts and soy nuts, and a bunch of new food ingredients. Anyone buy from Although expensive they've got some unique items that you just can't find in your local stores.

monkeymama 2010-05-28 18:14:12 -0500 Report

I love this plan! I am doing a spin off of the Special K diet. That SF Cinnamon pudding is AWESOME! It actually took my urge away for something sweet. Have you tried the new SF Jello Mouse Temptations? This is another wonderful and tastey snack I have tried for an evening before bed snack. I agree though, everyone is going to have their own way in eating low carb. What I have learned, it is what work for your body. You have to play with foods to see what work for you and what you like. I'll have to try adding some of your ideas to my meal planner sheet.

Emma2412 2010-05-31 11:07:51 -0500 Report

I can't help it, but do you really mean "mouse temptations"? I think you might mean mousse instead, not the little gray rodents that cats love to chase? Sorry, but I couldn't resist.