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Away from home and brown bag, what is good to eat?

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petals 2010-05-27 21:01:14 -0500 Report

I generally take whatever I would eat at home. I try not to eat out much. But I do go to subway sometimes, they have healthy subs there, and water, always water.

RAYT721 2010-05-27 17:55:23 -0500 Report

My answer to what's "good to eat" is what you enjoy. You'll read my advice to be the same whether it's about breakfast, lunch, snacks or whatever. You can eat whatever you like as long as you are in touch with portion control (calories) and the trilogy of nutrition: fat, protein and carbs. You can find excellent swaps with ingredients to fulfill your favorite recipes and menu plans. Whether dieting or diabetic, you still need to eat. Your 300-500 calorie lunch can be made up of a lot of different things or just a single entree. Leftovers are great for lunches or lunch meat (watch the sodium) on low carb bread or tortillas or side salads (Wendy's 99 cents) or ???. Grab a paper and pen and start writing down things you like that fit into your needs and you'll have a great list covering one week, then two weeks, then a month, etc. In time you will know what you like and what your body likes.

GabbyPA 2010-05-27 17:01:11 -0500 Report

The same things you eat at home. I usually take some kind of salad with a protein like meat or cheese. I will add some crackers or nuts and there you have it. Don't forget your water too.

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